Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Green Future Comes To Vancouver

May 6, 2009 -- Condo buyers at Concord Pacific's new Cosmo building in downtown Vancouver will have the capacity to plug in and charge their electric vehicles.


"We're saying it's no longer science fiction. It's a reality. "It's also not long before high-density projects without plug-in capability will be obsolete. It will be like buying a TV today without high definition. We think for the purchasers, this project will give them a longer market advantage."


Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association president Gerry Martselos also praised Concord. "EV charging is fast becoming a checklist item for future home buyers, as the majority of EV charging will be done overnight at home," he said in a statement.

Here's the building's website.

Sounds expensive (rigging out your parking spot for recharging costs about $5,000), but still, Vancouver has been been doing a lot along these lines. Probably Canada's greenest city at the moment (love those rooftop gardens on the condo buildings).


Anonymous said...

Cost to Developer to "rig out" each parking spot with 220v plug ?

About 50 bucks.

Outrageous Greenie justified price gouging increase to purchasers



Waiting until the new owners get their monthly condo fees and see a $25 "Green Charge" added.

Even more priceless.

bigcitylib said...

"Cost to Developer to "rig out" each parking spot with 220v plug ?

About 50 bucks."

A bit more to it than that, I think. These are big batteries.

Anonymous said...

it is a simple 220v plug . . . piece of cake.

Think your clothes dryer . . same thing.

The size of the batteries is irrelevant.

Even if it is $500 bucks, the $5000 price tag is eco-greenie price gouging, preying on the gullible & those afflicted with eco-guilt.