Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frank Klees: If Elected Ontario Premier, I Will Change Federal Legislation

Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights commission is not working as intended. It needs to be fixed, not annihilated. People need access to a system that will help them against wrongs without having to enter into our expensive legal system.

But the abuses must stop. Section 13 needs to be repealed. Giving the Commission the right to investigate the views and opinions of the citizens of Ontario threatens the freedom of expression and is counter to the importance of that right in Canadian society. Freedom of expression is a core value of democracy from which all other rights naturally flow. Without that, our democratic system of government itself is at risk.

The message that needs to be sent is clear - the PC Party of Ontario is inclusive, not reactionary, and the Human Rights Commission needs to be refocused on it original mandate.

Either Mr. Klees mistakenly believes he has some ability to change Section 13 of the CHRA,or he is thinking of the interpretive section of the Ontario Code, where 13.1 prohibits you from publishing materials announcing an intention to discriminate: Signs Reading "No Blacks Need Apply", and the like.

Option #1 seems most likely. Klees seems to think there is only one commision, and in any case, the Ontario Commision has recently handed off any investigative duties to the Ontario Tribunal.

That's what you get announcing policy on Facebook.

In any case, they're all Randy Hillier now.


Ti-Guy said...

Do these people have anything else? Christ...I'm already missing John Tory's proposal to fund *all* religious public education.

A Eliz. said...

Hudak, Hillier and Klees do not like Human Rights. That leaves Flaherty's wife.

Ti-Guy said...

My favourite Tory wife is Isabel Bassett. I once told her I'd rather eat a bug than vote Conservative. She guffawed and threw her head back...it was at the moment I slipped my hand into her purse to steal her wallet, only to draw it back quickly, as it was covered in the jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce from the buffet.

Mike said...

Ti-Guy wins the thread....