Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Random Late-Afternoon Bitch

Spent the day working a trade-show, stood for eight hours smiling at people I don't necessarily like and sweating in warm, stale air. The Wife called me and told me her bank card had been compromised previous evening to the tune of $500. The last three places she used it were Reitman's, the SandyLion sticker store, and a Shopper's. Nothing terribly shady.

Tomorrow will likely be the same deal, minus a bank-card incident, hopefully. Blogging will be especially terse, and perhaps ill-tempered.

Right now I am cradling a beer, so things are getting better.


RuralSandi said...

Speaking of cards - as most, I get daily calls (many) from different area codes saying it's my "last notice" regarding my credit card - press 1 to get someone to help you arrange for a lower interest rate - press 2 if you're not interesting.

I finally decided to press 1 and asked the girl who she worked for - she said the Card Company and I asked who owned the Card Company. Well, guess what folks - it's VISA. I told her and I am doing it - I'm going to pay it off by next week and never deal with them again.

RuralSandi said...

Whoops - mean to say "not interested" - I already know I'm not interesting.

I have to start proofreading

Ti-Guy said...

Sorry to hear about that BCL, but I think statutory deposit insurance covers that type of fraud, no?

Reality Bites said...

I doubt it's Visa per se, but rather someone authorized to issue Visa cards. I can't find anything on the internet about it, but it sounds similar to calls I've been getting recently saying my extended warranty is going to expire on my (non-existent) car.

I wouldn't cancel my Visa over this - I doubt your bank has any connection to this at all.

Reality Bites said...

As I reflect on this further, what possible reason would Visa have in calling you daily offering to lower your interest rate? If for some reason they wanted to lower it, they could just do it.

What happened to you sounds a lot more like the practices of a company called "Mutual Consolidated services." If you google that phrase (with the quotes) you will find a lot of information about them that sounds like what you've described.

P.S. If she really worked for your credit card company, you would have had them trying to save you as a customer, but she didn't, because she doesn't work for Visa and couldn't care less.

Karen said...

Sandi, Reality is correct. Visa wouldn't/couldn't gain by this.

BCL...I'm sorry your day unfolded as it did. Maybe start tomorrow with a beer? ;)

I hope you are covered.

Adam M said...

Sandy Lion has a sticker store???

Adam M said...

I also receive all these calls.

I've had experience with these types of calls before. You say you want to be removed from their list and they just start phoning you again from a new number that's one digit off of the original one and say it's a new number and you haven't removed yourself from that list.

Kurt Phillips said...

"Beer. The cause of and solution for all of life's problems."

~ The Tao of Homer