Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun With The Tories New Website

1) Go here, the CPoC's new anti-Ignatieff website.

2) Go to the "share section". You should see a an image this at the top left of your computer screen

Our ever stupid CPoC, not having learned the first time around, is using a remailer that lets you send emails from the new site, alerting people to the new site. A few hints:

a) "Your Email" can be anything. It doesn't have to really exist. That's also the line that seems to have the most characters available to you if you want to compose and send a subversive counter-message.

b) The "To" line gives you about 15 characters.

c) The "From" line seems to have more characters available than the "To" line.

d) The text of the email you send will be boiler-plate:

Your friend stockwell day thinks Michael Ignatieff is just visiting. Michael Ignatieff has made his choice: after over 30 years away he has come back to Canada, but only if he can be Prime Minister. In short, he’s just visiting.To find out more visit It's not about stockwell day. It's just about him.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem much you can do about to change this text, but your subversive message WILL appear in the header info of any email you send from the site.

So use your imagination and send "the gift of Iggy" to all the reporters on your contact list. Make the story of the new website and new ad campaign be that they are idiotic.


Sixth Estate said...

This is just juvenile cybersquatting.

Ironically, in order to conceal exactly who's running a site attacking Ignatieff for being too American, the Tories have used an American proxy registration company, as you can see through a Whois search (covered this on my blog).

Ti-Guy said...

Apparently, the teevee ads running in Québec are criticising Iggy for having a "Parisian accent."

What kind of moral imbeciles come up with stuff like this?

American expats in Calgary, that's who.

Gene Rayburn said...

Share me just went down. Ahh shucks it stopped me after I sent an email as Coynetosser.

Gene Rayburn said...

but you can still sent it through the email function

BlastFurnace said...

Why on earth would the Cons use the top level domain for Montenegro? I had a look at the site and I agree with RevDave, this is just juvenile.

Ti-Guy said...

Right wing uglies on parade.

A few of our favourites: Arnie Lemaire, Kathy Shaidle, Debbye Strategacos, Wendy Sullivan and Kateland, "The last Amazon." (who knew she was 74 years old, five years ago...I always imagined she was...lithe).


Franko said...

The beauty about attack websites is that the target can so easily be reversed: