Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Downtown T.O. Is Looking A Bit Scuzzy These Days

 In fact it reminds me of when I 1st came to town in the mid 1980s, except that the porn shops have moved North on Yonge towards Bloor Street, and they're selling DVDs rather than VHS tapes.  And these days they're surrounded by pot shops.  Not upper end boutiques like Spirit Leaf either, more like "all you can huff" places.

And outside a sandwich shop there's a mural that I'm pretty sure is inviting  you to come worship Satan.  The incomplete human figure portrayed in it is definitely sporting horns, but the text around him is written in an ancient script that I fear to utter. 

I don't mind.  In fact it sends me back.  But I'm not  sure the tourists will be impressed.


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