Sunday, June 04, 2006

Etobicoke Mosque Vandalized

I guess we'll be seeing more of this:

Damage is estimated at more than $15,000 after three-dozen windows and glass doors were smashed overnight at one of Toronto’s biggest mosques.


Farouk said he feared the latest vandalism may have been backlash after the weekend arrests of 12 men and five youths, many of them Muslims, suspected of planning terrorist attacks in the Greater Toronto area.


Anonymous said...

all Moslems are not to blame, same as all Irish were not responsible for the IRA.
They probably did not believe what the Mosque preached anyway.I would say that whoever did this, was very uneducated,...the bad as the ones they nabbed

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Hazel said...

Definitely this kind of damage can cause the financial backwardness. What-else cause is responsible for such kind of havoc is not expected and surely I agreed with you that was serious uneducated and unwise role. Anyway, I appreciate your time to publish it and of course for sharing.
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