Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tom Harris Walks Abroad

The NRSP (Natural Resource Stewardship Project) is a Canadian astroturf group given over to denying the science behind Global Warming. They came into existence several months ago, in the wake of the media take-down of Friends of Science, and in fact share several "prominent" members with this older group, including the ubiquitous Tim Ball who is, according to DeSmogBlog, "Canada's most notorious climate change denier". In any case, NRSP's biggest claim to infamy at the moment is that their executive director, Tom Harris, has signed a "confidentiality agreement [which] doesn't allow him to say whether energy companies are funding his group."

If you've been blogging about the CBC's Fifth Estate documentary The Denial Machine, you've probably met Tom Harris. He has appeared in the blogosphere here, here, and here, pointing out a couple of very minor errors in the CBC program as though they were earth shattering revelations. These errors are owned up to by one of the documentary participants (Jim Hoggan), corrected, and explained, here.

I imagine Tom Harris will be out and about the blogs over the next little while, duking it out over the issues surrounding GW. If he appears on yours, ask him whose paying the bills for the NRSP. He hates that.

H/T, as always, to DeSmogBlog.


Anonymous said...

get with the program.

It was global warming until we changed it to climate change and now it is climate injustice.

How will we ever keep this scheme going if useful idiots, I mean adherents, can't keep up with the PR campaign.

Anonymous said...

read 'em & weep.



Anonymous said...

maybe you should consider what they are saying rather than launch drive by smears over who might or might not be funding them.

If the skeptics just screamed about the Sierra Club & Greenpeace funding global warming scientists as proof they were wrong, it would sound rather silly eh ?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links on Tom Harris. . he makes a lot of sense . . . tens of thousands of science experts that don't agree with the couple of wing-nuts who produced the now disgraced Mann et al hockey stick that the IPCC used as their sole source for the Kyoto global government scheme.

Some "concensus"

Tom Harris said...

You would like some science? Here's some:

Many scientists debate the need for CO2 control as specified in Kyoto and other "climate control" schemes:

1 - the link http://tinyurl.com/ygdmzq to the 61 scientists open letter to Harper.

2 - The Petition Project – see http://www.oism.org/oism/s32p31.htm - Of the over 19,000 scientific and technical professionals who endorsed the petition, nearly 8,000 are scientists in physics, geophysics, climatology, meteorology, oceanography, and related fields of chemistry, biochemistry and biology

3 - The Leipzig Declaration – see http://www.sepp.org/policy%20declarations/leipzig.html - 1,500 scientists have signed

4 - The Heidelberg Appeal – see http://www.sepp.org/policy%20declarations/heidelberg_appeal.html - signed by 3,000 scientists, including 72 Nobel Prize winners, from 106 countries – a call to reason on science and society

Here is what one of our NRSP advisors, told the Commons Comm. on Env. last year:

“Based on the paleoclimatic data I and others have collected, it's obvious that climate is and always has been variable. In fact, the only constant about climate is change; it changes continually. We certainly have no chance of stopping this natural phenomenon. … In our research, we are showing excellent correlation between the regular fluctuations in the brightness of the Sun and earthly temperatures. Hundreds of other studies have shown similar trends. ”

Dr. Tim Patterson testifying before the Commons Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, 10/02/05

WRTO de Smog Blog, please remember that they are the product of one of Canada's largest PR firms and are paid to engage in this battle.

bigcitylib said...

I have disputed what such groups are saying in numerous other posts.

If the skeptics claimed that Greenpeace and the Sierra Club were funding (pro?) global warming scientists, that would be considered silly because it would be largely incorrect.

On the other hand, if skeptics made that claim, and it was found in fact that Greenpeace and the Sierra club were 1) funding climatologists and 2) covering up the fact, than that would raise legitimate questions re these groups.

The NRSP seem afraid of what people will think if they found out who their financial backers were.

Anonymous said...

These cut 'n pastes are all looking very familiar. Do Tom Harris's funders pay him on a per-cut-'n-paste basis?

I have no time for the deniers. They've discredited themselves so thoroughly that it's simply a waste of time to pay any attention to them anymore, even on the off chance that they're saying something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

In fact, what "Tom Harris makes some excellent points" wrote above...

WRTO de Smog Blog, please remember that they are the product of one of Canada's largest PR firms and are paid by clients to say what they say.

...is exactly what "Tom Harris" posted in a comment at Where'd that Bug Go?

...It'd be too delicious to nail someone for sock-puppeting, I suppose, but I would hardly be surprised.

Mike said...

"tens of thousands of science experts that don't agree"

that's a lie. tom harris is a liar. he is working on behalf of ExxonMobile.

Nuff said.

Calvin Jones said...

I thought that you might be interested in someClimate Projections On The Side of Parliment it happened on November 1st and the video has just wend up on youtube.

Anonymous said...

re: Harris comment

As soon as they mention the "The Heidelberg Appeal" as evidence of scientific debate, your know they are talking trash.

But, global warming and climate change were not even mentioned in the Heidelberg Appeal.


And someone qhotes the Telegraph?!? Ha ha. It has been an anti-climate and anti-environment voice in the forest for years.

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