Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stockwell Day On Eastern "Spear-Chuckers"

Is Stockwell Day being Racist or just stupid? From his column in yesterday's Penticton Western News:

Aaaaanyway, it appears that local libs now send bits and pieces of my local columns to their favourite spear-chuckers down east who are quick to unleash a volley of indignation, which makes for good fodder back here at home.

The most natural way to read this, given the standard definition of "spear-chucker", is that Stockwell is claiming local liberals are sending bits from his columns to the dumb black males we've got living in some of our Eastern cities.

Either that or he has given a private meaning to the term "spear-chucker", which I frankly can't fathom at the moment.

(Big H/T to Bob The Red)


Anonymous said...

2005 War in the Woods;
forest professional vs. mountain pine beetle:

''Spear chuckers enter into a debate. and throw spears at the process. This results. in friction and difficulty finding a successfull resolution''

bigcitylib said...

So he is comparing Easterners to savage Indians rather than blacks, is that what you're arguing? Or is he insulting both races at once, kind of like a trick shot in pool?

Anonymous said...

It seems to be used from time to time to describe a person who is consumed by, or owes his livelihood to, his partisan ties.

For instance, from Slate in 2004: "The most obvious expression of Bush's choice of ignorance is that, at the age of 57, he knows nothing about policy or history. After years of working as his dad's spear-chucker in Washington, he didn't understand the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, the second- and third-largest federal programs."

In fact, Slate seems to have no problem with the term at all. Jack Shafer, their media critic, used it in this context in an interview this year, meaning someone who just shills the company line: "PRWeek: In other words, you don't talk to spokespeople.
Shafer: You know, the spokespeople that I do end up talking to, I'd much prefer talking to somebody who's in the decision-making capacity and is not the spear-chucker for the person in the decision-making capacity. I will default to quoting the spokesman if that's all I can talk to, in the interest of fairness. But I don't consider it any great coup when some spokesman presents some obfuscation as some sort of corporate apology."

Or, from Michael Barone's blog on "Committee Chairman Pete Hoekstra last week suspended and denied classified information to the unnamed staffer. According to Republican Rep. Ray LaHood, the staffer requested a copy of the April NIE three days before part of its contents appeared in the New York Times. LaHood, by the way, is not necessarily a partisan spear chucker; he is close to Speaker Dennis Hastert, but he is one of those members often chosen to preside over divisive debates on important issues because he is perceived to be fair and impartial."

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is refering to javelin throwers in the Olympics. Cause the Olympics were Greek and the Greeks were gay.

bigcitylib said...


Michael Barone is a U.S. Conservative commentator
who would probably be tempted to racial slurs, or might not even know the origon of the term.

As to Mr.Shafer, I've never heard of him and have no idea what bearing he's supposed to have on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for not taking the highly-respected Urban Dictionary as the authoritative source for the definition, as you seem to have done.

You said that Day seems to have given the term a private meaning all its own; I've pointed out that while it certainly can be and often is construed as a slur, another definition apparently does exist that is used from time to time in political and other types of commentary. What's more, it looks like it can easily be directed at the US President without fear of repercussion (but Stockwell Day, or a "US Conservative commentator" like Barone must just be either racist or stupid).

bigcitylib said...

Anon,you're saying I should have been enraged when some online magazine used the term of the leader of a foreign land, what, three years ago? That's a bit rich.

And whatever the "intent" of the term, its historical meaning was derogatory, and if Stockwell Day maybe knew the meaning of more words, he would not have used it.

Remember, I am arguing he is either racist or stupid. You seem like you would choose door B.

Anonymous said...

That depends on what u mean by stupid?

stupid :
can be used to amplify positive words, also can be used in conjuction with 'mad' or 'hella'

Dude, that hot dog was stupid good!

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying you should be enraged about things said three years ago by anyone, bigcitylib, and you probably shouldn't be enraged about this (for reasons I'll explain). I'm just pointing out that there are people on various sides of the political spectrum who have used the term in a way that is clearly not meant as a slur.

It's pretty clear that there was no racial motivation behind Day's use of the term, because it wouldn't even make any sense. And unless Day has some sort of political death wish, I think we can be confident that he wouldn't have used the term if he was aware of its racial connotations. You can argue that he SHOULD know, but it's an astounding stretch to argue that he's a racist for NOT knowing. I don't think any politician who wants to keep his job would proactively put something he actually knows is a racial slur in his local paper. In that respect, you're right -- if he had known the derogatory historical connotation of the term, he wouldn't have used it.

So you can't seriously be claiming he's racist; that's just spin. I guess calling him stupid is closer to the mark, albeit a tad over the top and lacking originality. It's more likely that he just made the same mistake in using this term that others have, with no real ill will intended, racial or otherwise. But where's the fun in that?

Anonymous said...

Who thinks he was making a racist comment? Come on. Suggestions like that just corrode all political dialogue. It's just so cheap.

Anonymous said...

Who thinks he was making a racist comment? Come on. Suggestions like that just corrode all political dialogue. It's just so cheap.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the CRAP'ers.

As you sow, so shall you reap.

bigcitylib said...


You are so sexxxy when you get all biblical.

Anonymous said...

That's from the Bible? I read it on one of the packets of Burpee seeds I was selling when I was 12.

Fuck, I'm such a bad Christian.

Anonymous said...

However the dumbass of low vocabulary meant it, the term "spear-chucker" connotates a primitive person. I'm sure he meant it in the way of Adam and Eve after dinosaurs 6,000 years ago. Give the poor thing a break, eh? He's likely been home schooled...

TOM said...

You guys are messed up. This has nothing to do with slamming a black person. If you READ WHAT HE IS WRITING!!! He is talking about his column being used as ammo against him. I personally don’t like the guy or the party. When I first heard of this column. I read it thinking he finally made that career decision. But Nah. Has nothing to do with racism at all. And it’s that type of attitude that keeps racism and crap like that still around. But I think the bigger picture here is make noise like that here and hopefully the media will pick it up. Back Fires Suck…
Now, I do like the idea of the column and he seems to be enjoying it himself.

Anonymous said...

This latest 'bon mot' from Day confirms my belief that he is merely very, very stupid. How else could he keep on saying things which other, equally racist or otherwise prejudiced, conservative mp's have learned to suppress. It's no wonder Harper tries to keep his mp's away from the press. I wonder why he is keeping such a loose cannon.

Unknown said...

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