Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Liberals Stuck With One Last Delegated Convention?

Gerry asks in the comments:

Surely the National Executive could make an executive decision on behalf of the membership to implement one-member, one-vote now.

Campbell Clark says surely not:

This point comes up every time there's a leadership race, and lots of people, Liberals and otherwise, agree with you. It's too late to change it this time because it is written into the Liberal Party constitution. (Although some argue they cannot really afford it.)

He also has this bit of good news:

The Liberals are not swimming in cash, but their debt is not debilitating either. They'll be able to finance reasonably ordinary operations and pay for the next election campaign


A Eliz. said...

The sums will be debilitating if Hsrper wins his case over the Cadman scandal.

sharonapple88 said...

Who's Hsrper?

Reality Bites said...

Since Harper outright lied, according to his own expert, their chances of winning are slim at best.

burlivespipe said...

But I think he's got Zaccardelli ready to make the judge 'disappear' upon any negative decision, followed by planting a liberal membership card on the corpse.