Saturday, October 11, 2014

Life In Scarborough: Got Me Some Ford Nation Hoodys!!!

My bus crapped out  around Lawrence & Warden.  The bus-driver kicked us all off due to mechanical difficulties, and told everyone the next 54 was coming along any minute.  After 15 minutes waiting, I noticed that our stop was right out front of the Ford Campaign's Scarborough office.   It was quite bustling (they're canvassing out here today) and, more important, was selling those gray hoodys I've noticed around the East End lately.  I bought two for $30 apiece as possible Xmas gifts.  I've got a brother-in-law who worships ROFO, who knows all his secret Etobicoke drinking spots, and my dad on Vancouver Island wants either Ford to win because he loathes Toronto and thinks we deserve it.  I may gift them to them, or I may keep one for myself. Wearing a Ford Nation hoody out in The Scar, as we call it, or The Bro, as we also call it, makes the locals think I'm one of them.  Wearing one amongst downtowner types  makes them think I'm some crazy mofo from The Bro who might knife them for looking at me funny.  So it works either way.

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deb said...

awesome! and best yet they will be collectors items one day. The hoodies are an ironic piece of history that will commemorate the dead guys wearing them while posing with ROFO.