Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CPC Bounce Begone

Grenier notes that Nanos' latest has some actual voting intention numbers rather than their typical index thing:

Here's a cap from the NANOS website that shows the relevant trendline:
(Click on it to make it bigger.)

Pretty clearly the CPC "security bounce" has faded.  Whether it returns is probably more dependant on what happens on the home from than overseas.  I just can't see Harper and Co., try as they might, turning the country into a bunch of rootin' tootin' cowboys over the deployment of a few hundred of our guys in Iraq.  I can see them milking another "terrorist" attack.  Here's hoping for a peaceful year.

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MgS said...

Or, just maybe, their latest assault on rights and freedoms will piss off enough Canadians to lose them even more margin ... regardless of being cloaked in the rubric of "anti-terrorism"