Friday, July 24, 2015

Of Sufficient Magnitude: More Excerpts From Ezra Levant Vs. Arman Chak Law Society Of Alberta Appeal Hearing

Ezra argues:

There are tens of thousands of inactive lawyers like me in Canada. They include politicians like Peter MacKay and Thomas Mulcair. Sometimes these politician-lawyers are polite. Sometimes they aren’t. Two years ago, my fellow member of the Law Society of Alberta, an opposition politician named Rachel Notley, compared the Alberta Energy Regulator to a “banana republic”. It’s a quasi-judicial tribunal, like the human rights commission. But it’s unthinkable that the Law Society would have prosecuted her for being “discourteous” to a government agency. Because we live in a democracy and value public debate.

A rebuttal from the proceeding transcripts:
And on Ezra's various misrepresentations:
For example Ezra claimed that Mr. Chak was a "Muslim immigrant ":

And finally, my favorite bit from the decision:
If I can I will upload the entire document later.

And later is now now.

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deb said...

wow, perhaps ezra should reconsider becoming an active lawyer again, he spends more then half his time in court:P The guy is more reprehensible that he knows the law and still chooses to flout it, glad the law society of alberta is going after him.