Sunday, May 29, 2016

On Being An Asshole in Politics, Part 1.1037

This was indeed somewhat assholish.  Not very, because Bob Rae couldn't have known (though he should have suspected) that the cameras would have been on him.  And I get the sentiment.  If it had been me up there I would have talked about how Evil had fled the land after the ring had been cast into the fires of Mt. Doom, and so forth.  But the PM has to lay on the cheese and pretend to love everyone, even Albertans.

On a related note, apparently Justin Trudeau has redefined masculinity.  He can punch out Big Indians, and yet he cries at gawdawful chick flicks. Whatever.  New definition; old definition.  I rate about 5.3 out of 10 either way.  So this news does not directly effect me.

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Lorne said...

Never cared much for Bob Rae, but his gesture has elevated my personal view of him.