Friday, June 03, 2016

The Odds Of Me Voting NDP Just Went Down

I admit they they weren't high to begin with.  But IMHO Nathan Cullen was one of their most charismatic, sharpest MPs, and if he ever grew some hair on that bald head I think he could have led the NDP, if not to power, than at least to one or two levels above the level of haplessness which they now occupy.  And I'm a bit surprised at his decision.  Maybe Nate figures its not worth running for Leader o'  the Losers.  I hear the offices they stick the 3rd party in have roach and rat infestations, depending on the season, and the cafeteria serves moldy bread, and all the taps drip.  

But if Nathan Cullen ever wants to floor cross, he should just slip me an email.  I know a couple of LPC heavyweights, and I donated $5 to the party one time.  I might be able to pull a few strings and get him a ministry.  Something small.  "Minister of String, Cans, And Jars"; something like that.  The rest is up to him.  Work hard and he could get ahead.


Gyor said...

Personally I've decided to leave the NDP for the Pirates Party of Canada.

If I'm going to be in thevpolitical wilderness, I might as well do so in style, and I'm not happy with the current direction of the NDP.

deb said...

the pirate party is my talking parrots.

and Nathan, liked him for years ....until he tried to spread the koolaid during elbowgate:P