Friday, March 13, 2020

Life In Scarborough: The Plague Journal, Day II

Visited The Elsy (LCBO) today.  I notice that while they're knifing each other over toilet paper at the Walmart across the parking lot, here everything is calm.  People believe that Water and wipes are essential, booze some kind of peripheral benefit.  These people are fools!  Give it a couple of weeks, when they have all been forced to spend time at home WITH THEIR CHILDREN!  No Porn.  No sports but for  UFC fighting and repeats of Ali vs.Antonio Inoki   They will cry out for the sweet darkness that alcohol brings!

I will liquidate my stock of toilet paper on the toilet paper Dark Net, buy Pabst up the yin-yan and in April gouge these pathetic yokels until they squeal!   BOOYAH!


jrkrideau said...

Are you sure you have not defected to the Cons?

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