Sunday, January 18, 2009

From The Website Of The Canadian Coalition For Democracies

...a political action organization of which Peter Kent is a senior member.

The "self hating terror supporter", by the way, is Jeff Halper.

And of course, there appear to be one or two saner voices in the forum where this delightful message appeared:

I don't know about anybody else, but I REALLY don't like seeing the words 'Jewish scum' posted on this site. I wouldn't like to see ANY religion called scum on this site.

...but we all know how a few bad apples can screw up your message, right?


Mitka said...

The term "Jewish scum" written by anyone is disgusting. It is in fact anti-Semitic.

I note with interest that one of those who agreed that the term ought not have been used was someone called Marvin Weinstein. If he is the same Marvin Weinstein I have heard and read about then tbis is the head of the JDL. When you get him to be critical of such sick terms you gotta know the person posting is a racist kook.

That said, its on a discussion board not a public rally and no where near the offense of subordinating genocide and calling for death to Jews that was expressed at recent pro-Hamas rallies in Canada.

bigcitylib said...

It is indeed the fellow from JDL (he mentions the fact in an earlier thread). Agreed this is not quite the same as calling for genocide at a rally.