Monday, April 21, 2008

They Scuttled Down A Fire Exit

The Wonderbabe (yes I have actually been given permission to call her that) has the story here. Watch them scuttle here, although "scuttle" suggests lean and bone-y and all the Conservative Ops you see in the video fleeing their own press conference seem on the soft, puffy side.

"Scubble", perhaps?

By the way, how surprising is it that Mike Duffy should be on the Tory list of "tame" journalists?


Len said...

Scurried? As in like a rat?

biff said...

The fact that the Liberals utilized these exact same maneuvers will make this fun to watch unfold indeed.

At the heart of the CPC's legal claim is the fact that this purported "law" that's being broken, is only being enforced against one of the parties.

That the execution of the warrant, at the behest of Elections Canada, and not the RCMP BTW,

came on the eve of what was supposed to be a devastating cross examination showing stark Liberal favouratism at the heart of elections Canada,

will make this even better.

All of which is unfolding in the context of more criminal charges being laid in Adscam (Corbeil's was the first in a flurry to come out - hold your hats),

and Canadian's will be again given a nice direct comparison.

Conservatives spending their own money, freely given by a massive populace of donors,


the Liberals stealing taxpayer money to spend.

Harper's playing chess again. Once again he's utilizing the "gotcha" politics to his own advantage.

Watch in awe.

James Curran said...

Looks like Biff just received the new CON talking points. Never mind that the conservatives would have knowingly bilked "the taxpayer" for close to a million if Elections Canada would have allowed the 67 ridings to claim this adverstising.

Okay Biff. Whatever you say. As for Corbeil? He was kind of important in the Liberal party waaaay back in the early 90's. Kind of like your Likuwski guy's comments that Harper forgave.

The fact is CON MPs lied again in the HOC Friday when they said they didn't have any documents until Monday when questioned on it by opposition parties. Funny how they decided to pass them out on Sunday to guys like Rolly Polly and La Presse.

Here's another thimg I'm gonna watch in "Awe" Biff: the entire press corps turning on the COC. That's what happens when you piss the entire lot - even the invited- off.

Mike said...

Give up biff. The Conservatives are just as big liars and thieves as the Liberal were during adscam, they just got caught sooner.

Suck on it. And watch your poll numbers plummet when the details of those warrants becomes public.

You guys deserve everything you got coming.

Gayle said...

Didn't take long for the talking points to come out. I look forward to the connie who defends the CPC without raising Adscam.

At least their attempt to muddy the waters by suggesting the warrant was connected to the lawsuit have been proven to be false. Just another lie in a long strong of lies...

Ti-Guy said...

So is "Biff" the big, fat doughy operative who was bouncing Keith Boag?

To work bloggers...get the operatives names out, now that we have their moon-faces on camera.

Ti-Guy said...

All of which is unfolding in the context of more criminal charges being laid in Adscam (Corbeil's was the first in a flurry to come out - hold your hats

This is a case of defrauding the Liberal Party.. And you know that Biff, you liar.

I laughed during Politics with Don Newman on Friday when all the media (Toronto Star, Canadian Press, Radio-Canada and even Newman himself) were all agreeing that, even though this is in fact a case defrauding the Liberal Party, it will be related to Adscam because the public won't make that distinction. And then they all proceeded to make sure the public won't make that distinction by relating it to Adscam.

They're hearts weren't in it though, because they know 70% of the Canadian population just aren't that stupid.

biff said...

Keeping "campaign finance" in the headlines will only hurt the Liberals.

I still stand by my seat count predictions, though I can now say with some certainty that the true numbers will come out a fair bit better for the CPC than I originally stated.

Borderline landslide.

I'll be back in a few weeks.

Have a good day all.

Ti-Guy said...

I'll be back in a few weeks.

Time for an Asian sex-tour, is it?

Gayle said...

TG - s/he is just one of those cowards who like to post their silly, unsubstantiated nonsense and then run away and hide when things get bad for them.

I am still waiting for that unnamed senior liberal to defect to the cons, like biff was claiming last year at RT's, or for that senior liberal MP to come out for opening the constitution, like he was claiming here last month.

S/he is not even annoying anymore. I think pathetic is the correct term.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, at least he can't sock-puppet here anymore.

biff said...


you should lighten up a bit. If I'm wrong you can cry out "I told you so" to your heart's content.

Vis the defection, it's still going to happen. During the campaign or immediately before then.

As for the senior Lib in support of the constitution talks , as you may recall, I noted that was premised on this issue being formally put forth, which in turn would prompt senior liberals (certain one's who'd have to support it) to stake that position. That issue was taken off the table. And that's the only reason why certain Libs didn't have to respond in kind.

I find it interesting that you fail to mention the internal attacks against Dion (which I advised would happen early on back when Dion was viewed as the party's saviour).

And most notably, you fail to mention my last statements on the by elections, in which I called with extreme accuracy. Literally almost down to a single percentage point in Quadra, as well as the Sask seat.

So, in the "I told you so" category, I believe it is I who rightly have the bragging rights (though I do not do it for the accolades but only to contribute to the available store of public knowledge - a public service so to speak).

I rather would like to come back only in a few weeks (when you all can get your licks in after I've been proven completely wrong on the election results [sarc]), but fairness compels me to respond to the spurious allegations against me.

In the meantime, enjoy your spring, happy campaigning and I'll see you after the election.

Ti-Guy said...

In the meantime, enjoy your spring, happy campaigning and I'll see you after the election.

And what pseudonym will you be sock-puppeting under?