Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anti-Morgentaler Poll Done By Tory Operative, or : What The Hippie Hath Found

On July 22nd, the headline appears on Lifesitenews: Massive New Poll: 56% of Canadians Oppose Morgentaler Order of Canada. The poll, commissioned by the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), gets very little play in the MSM, but JJ and the gang at Unrepentant Old Hippy become a little bit curious, as do some of the players at FreeDominion. Their big question: who the hell are KLRVU polling, the company that conducted the CLC poll? They appear to have neither a phone number or a website. However, their news release on the poll gives some interesting details.

For further information: on the results of this survey, call: Media
Contact: Mary Ellen Douglas, CLC National Organizer, (613) 389-4472;
Marie-Christine Houle, CLC Toronto, (cell) (519) 569-0369; KLRVU Research,
Winnipeg, (204) 999-7446

Run that phone number through a few search engines and you get these guys: LaserCut Designs... a Laser Shop for Unique and Special Gifts for Companies and All Occasions.

Now, pause for a moment: a Laser shop that polls for the CLC? A polling company that makes corporate gifts for all occasions? Those are the folks behind the Anti-Morgentaler poll.

But wait, there's more! Another website for LaserCut Designs is, which mentions the names of artists involved: Allan and Katherine. Who are they? Well, this notice of a school fund-raiser identifies Katherine as Katherine Bruinooge. She is married to Allan Bruinooge, who ran for Winnipeg City Council in 2005. A Winnipeg Free Press story from that time period describes him thusly:

Also running in the race were teacher Robert Page who got 453 votes; part-time college instructor Catriona Younger got 397 votes; Tory party organizer Allan Bruinooge received 382 votes, Blue Bombers corporate sale manager Rick Lowey collected 355 votes and autobody shop co-owner Pam Hayward-Remple was given 127 votes.

Finally, if the name Bruinooge strikes you as familiar, its because Allan's brother is Rod Bruinooge, Tory MP from Winnipeg South and a staunch pro-lifer who has written that:

"Appointees to the Order of Canada should be seen by a clear majority of Canadians as being noble and beyond reproach. Since this is not the case with Dr. Morgentaler, he should not be considered for our highest civilian award."

"I find myself now questioning the Order of Canada and its very legitimacy as a voice for all Canadians. I recently nominated a deserving citizen in my community, but I no longer feel I can associate with the Order and have asked to have my name disassociated with the nomination process."

What I find myself questioning is whether Rod Bruinooge knew of the anti-Morgentaler "Laser Poll", and whether any CPoC or taxpayers money went into the funding of it. Hopefully, the MSM will start asking similar questions.

h/t JJ and gang, who did all the work.


Unknown said...

The media in Canada is mostly pro-choice...

Global aging: the demographic winter is coming.

Aging workforce in Canada.

Louis XIV : Après moi le déluge.

P.S. Also new website prowomanprolife(dot)org

JJ said...

Thanks, BCL!

I'll post my own synopsis of Lasergate in a bit.

Reality Bites said...

BCL _ "A polling company that makes corporate gifts for all occasions?"

Perhaps then we should commission a gift to all members of CLC on the occasion of Dr. Morgentaler's being awarded the Order of Canada.

Solonge, the media in Canada reflects the population of Canada. Mostly pro-choice. Now be a good little self-promoting troll and fuck off.

James Bowie said...

Blogs are great for IDing push polls like this. I wonder what the poll question was. Maybe:

"Dr. Morgentaler is going to Hell. Do you think that Hellbound evildoers should be awarded Canada's highest civilian honour to appease babykillers?"

Good find MJ. I knew I linked to you for a reason. Keep up the good work.

Auntie Liberal said...

Liberals do like the easy way out. Why should we have to face consequences to our actions? Why does life have to be hard? Simply wave a magic wand of rights and entitlements, and POOF, all your inconveniences melt away. Consequences and reality are for suckers anyway. It doesn't matter that we made the choice to have sex, and the choice to have sex without birth control, and the choice to have sex during the part of a cycle when you could get pregnant, and the choice to have sex with somebody that you wouldn't want to raise a baby with. Those choices don't matter. It's like babies just spontaneously appear for some unknown reason - why am I pregnant? How did this happen? It's not my fault.

We Liberals need to be assured that our consequence-free fantasy world of convenience remains intact. Those conservatives are so mean!

Reality Bites said...

Like I said above, fuck off troll.

But please make sure you fuck off at the right time of the month. Wouldn't want you reproducing.

JJ said...

Auntie Liberal - There's a simple answer to all your insipid little questions:

Because it's none of your business.

But thanks for confirming what we already know -- that anti-abortion creeps are primarily interested in punishing women for having sex.

pumpernickel said...

A good piece of sleuthing work.

Alison said...

Ans just like that a website appears:

"With the release of our first public poll I felt the necessity to produce the companies website for the public. and media Please look forward to more polls for the public in the near future.


Gotta love that "public. and media"