Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Someone Whose Been There And Done That

Grant Bristow says, in today's Natty Post of all places:

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has been at the forefront of the war against hate in this country for decades. I personally believe it played a key role in eviscerating Canadian hate groups in the 1980s and 1990s. It helped shut down vile telephone hate lines and Internet sites that targeted vulnerable minorities. It forced the Heritage Front to focus on defending itself against complaints rather than on perpetrating acts of hate. After failing to obey cease and desist orders obtained against them by the CHRC, several members of organized hate groups were later incarcerated for contempt of court.


While I was an agent of the Crown placed within the neo-Nazi Heritage Front, I saw the potential for evil with my own eyes. Heritage Front leaders, such as the late Wolfgang Droege, encouraged their minions to harass Jewish leaders and anti-racists. Plans were even made by a group of white supremacists who were an offshoot of the Heritage Front to "take out" Canadian Jewish Congress activists at their office in Toronto. Their key target was Bernie Farber...

Remember that next time Ezra Levant accuses the good man of converting to radical Islam or something equally ridiculous, Ezra who once stood with Quebec seperatists on the grounds that it would

lead to the elimination of bilingualism and multiculturalism, that it would give the Canadian government the "fortitude" to say no to "other special interest groups" such as First Nations and environmentalists; it would end corruption in Parliament which Levant blamed on Quebec politicians; and would clear the way for Preston Manning to become Prime Minister of Canada."

...Ezra who once wrote in support of Alberta separation in 1996 should the federal Liberal Party win the next election.

Yeah, that Ezra.


Simon Pole said...

I just learned the word feculent from that article. Awesome!

There was also a recent article on Bristow in the Walrus. What was really shitty was how the media outted his wife when they were in a witness protection program.

I suppose that's the free press though.

The LS from SK said...

Grant? The informant that virtually created the Heritage Front all by his lonesome - well with a bit of help from CSIS and the CJC.

Who next will you drag forward in defence of the "Fab 4" of CHRC fame?

The LS from SK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bigcitylib said...

The ls,

One doltish comment per troll is allowed.

Ti-Guy said...

From your NatPo link:

The truth is that the CHRC did exactly what it was supposed to do. It reviewed the complaint, and rightly dismissed it. Those hollering that the commission should have rejected the complaint at the door don't understand that the intake process requires that all complaints be accepted for review. How can you reject a complaint before you've even read it? Ironically, by rejecting a claim that didn't meet the standards as set out by law, the CHRC has demonstrated that the system works.

And that, quite plainly, is that. I particularly liked the point about the evolution ('growing pains') in mediating freedom of expression issues. It's probably become a little clearer now how we have to distinguish between offense and hate propaganda.

Anyway, I wonder to what extent the billable hours imperative of Macleans's army of laywers (?) contributed to this complaint being accorded more time and attention than it deserved. It's clear that attention-seeking wingnut welfare queen Steyn basked in the fame.

Too bad we still don't have wider consensus on the fact that America Alone is a very stupid book.

The LS from SK said...

bigcitylib said...
"The ls,One doltish comment per troll is allowed"

Censorship at its best. The truth will set you free.

Troll or Truth Seeker?

Reality Bites said...

Third option: idiot

Ti-Guy said...

Troll or Truth Seeker?

*tosses The LS a library card*

Come back when you figure that out.

The LS from SK said...

Well Ti-Guy - even you, Dawg and "Special K" post freely on Ezra's site.

Who is the real believer in free speech, a censor or the term "Idiot" as Marxist-Leninists like to use.

Useful idiots?

bigcitylib said...


Ez regularly kills my comments, including one last night on his statement of defence.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this excellent post. You gotta love the rather obscene fetish that Ezra's people seem to have with CJC. Not quite sure how the CJC helped create the Heritage Front, really just another stupid statement with no facts.

What really hit me was Bristow's piece on Bernie Farber being targeted for assasination. What a difference from Ezra Levant who whined about receiving a little threat as an there was a plan to take out Farber with real guns not a keyboard, yet I dont ever recall him using this or even speaking about it.

Ti-Guy said...

Well Ti-Guy - even you, Dawg and "Special K" post freely on Ezra's site.

Nope. Ezra's never moderated through one of mine. And rest, assured, there were no obscenities.

The LS from SK said...

Well Chapel,

Read the timeline of the failed "Heritage Front Affair" and make up your own mind.

All the usual suspects are there.

Ti-Guy said...

ie: "You do the work necessary to back up my assertions." lazy.

LS: You have a personality disorder. And the evidence is here.

Auntie Liberal said...

"From Someone Whose Been There And Done That"

and still hasn't learned to use contractions.

Nosferatu200 said...

Ezra might want to consider vetting his ads:

bigcitylib said...

I saw that and figured that had to be a joke.

Anonymous said...

What a n interesting article. I rarely read the Post so thanks for pointing it out.

I did go to check out Mr. Levant's blog. What is this thing he has with Mr. Farber? He really needs a good psychiatrist. And Chapel is quite right, Mr. Farber faced down real threats with real guns. Ezra hollers about an email message he may or may not have received that was allegedly a threat. He really needs help.

Unknown said...

"The Canadian Human Rights Commission has been at the forefront of the war against hate in this country for decades."

ROFLMAO. Yeah, and where were these guys when Air India got blown out of the air? AWOL, that's where. Millenium bomber? On vacation.

The CHRC is the Inspector Clousseau of human rights. All they do is chase the impotent bogeymen of yesterday.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah, and where were these guys when Air India got blown out of the air? AWOL, that's where. Millenium bomber? On vacation.


To quote Kathy Shaidle: "Urge to kill...rising..."

Unknown said...

I knew my post would go over your head ti-guy. The left considers the long dead battle over a few token white supremacists to be a "war". So does the CHRC.

Yet, in matters of hate that has killed hundreds of Canadians, the CHRC is missing in action.

WTF indeed.

Ti-Guy said...

The left considers the long dead battle over a few token white supremacists to be a "war". So does the CHRC.

Oh, for the love of God, stop lying.

Unknown said...

Try and post a credible counter comment ti-guy.

Grant Bristow is the one who uses the words "war on hate". But on any real issue of hate in Canada; Air India Flight 182, Toronto 18, etc., the CHRC has been asleep at the wheel.

The CHRC and other HRC's are ideologically committed to defending minorities. Unfortunately, they are also ideologically blinded to the reality that certain sub-groups within Canadian minority communities have posed a far graver threat to the lives of Canadians then whatever phony "war" the CHRC pretends to be battling.

I don't sleep better at night knowing the CHRC is still fighting the white supremacist battles of the 1980's. Maybe you do.

Auntie Liberal said...

. . . and the LPC has been at the forefront of fueling hatred.

Anonymous said...

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