Monday, June 08, 2009

Girls On The Run! TPA On Chow On Raitt!

Olivia Chow is adding to current Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt's troubles this afternoon by pointing to a purportedly confidential letter written by four directors of the Toronto Port Authority, where Ms. Raitt used to be CEO, to Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Minister John Baird on March 30, 2009. In the letter, such wrongs as mis-managing TPA finances and cronyism are alleged.

Keeping the old pot boiling, the TPA has fired back with a news release:

Many of the items referred to in the Letter are both picayune and stale, having been already widely reported in the Toronto and Ottawa media and often undermined in this earlier coverage. Once you discard the half- truths and defamation in their Letter, one is left with little more than a transparent attack by a subset of the Board, two of whom are seeing their terms expire in ten weeks' time. Their retirement present to the rest of us is to "burn down the house" on their way out the door, as they now recognize that they will not be reappointed to the Board for a second term.

The TPA is right in that allegations of impropriety have been levelled against Raitt and the TPA since at least 2006 (by Chow particularly). Also notable, of the TPA Board's current makeup:

Mr. Jeremy Adams: 1/14/09 - 1/14/12
Mr. Chris Henley: 8/23/06 - 8/22/09
Mr. David Gurin: 12/4/08 - 12/4/11
Ms. Michele McCarthy: 7/14/04 - 7/13/10 (two terms)
Mr. Mark McQueen: 8/23/07 - 8/22/10
Mr. Sean Morley: 12/19/08 - 12/18/10
Mr. Douglas Reid: 8/23/06 - 8/22/09
Mr. Craig Rix: 2/2/08 - 2/1/11
Mr. Colin Watson: 8/23/06 - 8/23/11 (two terms)

...three--Adams, Morley, and Rix--are Conservative Party members on either the federal or Ontario level.


Anonymous said...

Oh lookie here. This is Kinsella's work, Surprise, surprise.

"For further information: Derek Raymaker, Daisy Consulting Group, (647) 504-0107"

Unknown said...

hillarity - Kinsella is making his money from them!

bigcitylib said...

Very weird. I'm not sure of how it all games out, though.

This probably just keeps the whole story in the news a little longer.

bigcitylib said...
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bigcitylib said...
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Jon Pertwee said...

Oh lookie here. Tim feigns false outrage!


Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...

Well, that is curious. Kinsella's consulting firm is defending the TPA from Chow's apparently bullshit complaint.

Go figure, that an NDP MP would complain bitterly about a government enterprise that actually turns a profit..

With input from Mr. Kinsella, one might opine that the next avenue of attack might be a defamation lawsuit against Dear Ms. Chow if, in fact, it is established that some of her statements are false, as suggested in the TPA release..

..and then, taking her lead, we can all start bellowing and screaming for her resignation.