Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dean Steacy Gets Another Opportunity To Sue People

Russ Hiebert, Conservative nobody for South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale, repeats charges to the effect that Mr. Steacy committed a criminal act:

Further, uncontradicted expert evidence presented before the hearing demonstrated that investigator Steacy illegitimately used an unsuspecting private citizen's wireless Internet service to post his offensive comments.

...charges that the RCMP and Privacy Commission dismissed several months back.

And the fact that Hiebert's piece seems as though it was ghost-written by Ezra (note the "uncontradicted...evidence" silliness that appears several times on Levant's blog) doesn't help Mr. Hiebert's claim that he is building his case from tribunal documents.

And, finally, a note to Mr. Steacy: sue these pricks. Sue as many of them as you want. I'll put up a donation button and slip you $5 myself.

Buckets gives Mr. Hiebert a thorough deconstructing here.


Anonymous said...

Oh goodie ! Let;s have a lawsuit. The discovery process might be the only way to expose Lynch et al for the liberal fascists they are.

No due process, violation of Charter Rights just for a start.

A lawsuit would be the perfect opportunity to shine some much needed light on the pondscum that is the CHRC.

Bring it on.

Ti-Guy said...

Dean Stacey and Warman can sue Hiebert as private citizens. But they should go after The National Post. They'll remove that article on just the threat of a lawsuit.

buckets said...

I have written an Open letter to Russ Hiebert about the CHRC, Dean Steacey, and wifi hacking allegations which points out what is demonstrably false about what Hiebert says about this.