Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ezra X 8

Licia Corbella has a pretty bad piece up, about how anyone who didn't publish the Charlie Hebdo covers after the shootings in Paris ought to go get fitted for their Burka, and so forth.  She reiterates the same old nonsense about Ezra Levant's being the bravest of men, etc., and then drops this:

The only publisher of the Danish cartoons at the time was Ezra Levant in his now-defunct publication, The Western Standard. His offices were never bombed, but he was forced to spend about $800,000 defending himself before the kangaroo court of the human rights commission after Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy lodged a complaint against him.

Now, Ezra's claims re his HRC costs were always dubious, but Corbella manages to wildly inflate them even more.  Here the amount quoted, taken from his book Shakedown, is $100,000.  Here, again, Ezra claims $100,000.  And here again, same figure.  Be interested to know if Ezra provided Ms. Corbella with an upwardly revised amount, or if she just pulled it out of the air.


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