Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year From Julian Fantino!

The Veterans Affairs department says some veterans are exaggerating their injuries to continue receiving financial benefits from the government and to avoid joining the work force.

Rumour has it he won't run again, the notion being that if he planned to he would have announced already.

I'm not sure if the CPC would be better with or without him.  Most governments aren't really looking for a "Minister of Being A Douche-bag To Veterans", but this version has gotten so bent from its so-called Conservative Principles that they may find something useful about the guy.


The Mound of Sound said...

Ask anyone who has had a war-bent father or cousins or uncles if he hasn't seen his fill of emotional wounds, scars of the very worst kind because they're with you for life, who a complete asshole like Fantino couldn't write off as slackers. I lived with that for half a century, my dad physically and my uncle wounded both physically and to the depths of his soul. I know that both fine men were lucky not to find themselves at the mercy of Fantino Inc. today.

Unknown said...

This is typical CON smear. When they can't get the obedience from any group in this case the Vets and when the vets fight back and expose the Cons for the ruthless bastards they are, rather then change and apologize and make it right, they dig in their heals and smear. Their doing the same thing with First Nations and the Unions. Many of my relatives fought in the second world war. 2 uncles came back completely shattered. They tried to hide it, but the confident men they were before the war was gone when they returned. the emotional devastation stayed with them for life. I wonder how much of a bonus he got from Harper from not spending all the money allocated to veteran affairs and returning the balance to the treasury. Can Harper whose bravery consists of hiding in a closet during a crisis and Fantino who runs from a veteran with a chest full of medals stoop any lower. YES!!!

MgS said...

Interesting speculation that Fantino will step aside. I was of the understanding that Harper was keeping him in Cabinet to ensure that they would continue to hold that seat.

We'll have to see, I guess.