Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My CBSC Complaint Against Sun TV Fades Quietly Away

Curses!   I inquired today, thinking maybe there was still a chance to give Ezra one last kick in the ass as he was going out the door.  But apparently the CBSC has no authority over broadcasters after they go TU; they have to let  my complaint slide.  Ah well.  I've found a whole new way of punishing people for having the wrong opinions...you bet I'm gonna file another complaint against somebody real soon!  Its just one of a range of "actions" I have planned for 2015.  Another is to convince Trojan to stop using petroleum oil from the tar sands in their petroleum jellies.  I call it my "Ethical Rubbers" initiative.  I've written them a couple of times already about this.  First time they forwarded my email to their "research" dept.  but the after the third email they stopped answering.  I'll keep at it, though.


Anonymous said...

I filed numerous complaints with the CRTC over Sun News but all went ignored. I was personally offended by many things that the Sun News wannabe journalists said. They insulted many people by pinpointing them by religion and ethnicity. I deem that as pure racism and the CRTC allowed it to continue unfettered. I guess that's what happens when cronyism prevails in the corporate world of the right winged media. I'd really like to know how much money some conservative MPs might have received to protect the former Sun News? It's nice to say "former" Sun News eh?

deb said...

if you watch ezras weblog, from his livingroom, im sure it will be only days before he spews forth some crap that can get him sued.
it might even be a retirement plan for you to follow ezras mantra waiting for lawsuits to drop out of his mouth.

Unknown said...

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