Monday, March 09, 2015

O Glorious Justin!: Trudeau's Speech

I didn't hear it live, but all accounts say its old-timey Liberalism.  So people will yell about it.  Which is good.  Justin and the LPC need to poke a few people in the eye, get the debate a bit more livened up than its been.  The above is what he said about the niqab in Quebec thing. True, and prettily phrased.

This is what he said about C-51.
It's important to note again  that the NDP position on C-51 is empty posturing.  Given the nature of our political system, it will pass in whatever manner the government chooses.  After that happens, Mulcair has admitted that he will merely amend, not kill, the bill, should he ever become PM.  The only difference between the NDP and LPC is therefore the individual clauses they would choose to delete.  So why  is the NDP making a futile attempt to kill a bill they obviously see some good in? Anyway: good answer, Justin.

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