Monday, October 05, 2015

Why Is Kathleen Wynne Running So Hard For LPC?

Because the Ontario Pension Plan is dead otherwise.  Harper has already said he won't cooperate. That means Ontario can't piggy-back everything onto the CPC, then pay the feds a cut to use their infrastructure and manage the money.  Ontario would have to start from scratch, to build a whole parallel bureaucracy.  Expensive and inefficient.  Wynne's most significant campaign commitment depends on a Liberal government taking power in Ottawa.

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Ron Waller said...

In order for this statement to be true, the NDP would have to oppose expanding the pension system, which is the opposite of what they're running on.

How about the hypothesis Kathleen Wynne is a rabid partisan Liberal who stands for nothing other than Liberals winning elections?

Given she privatized the electricity system out of the Blue, which is the antithesis of centrist liberal policy, my bet's on the latter option.