Friday, January 22, 2016

Give Alberta Energy East

Sure they're loud-mouthed cowboys.  Sure their cities are crap-holes where the streets all go one-way... to nowhere.  Sure their hockey teams have done fuck all for the nation over the last couple of decades.  Sure they boast about all the money they send East while at the same time grovelling for Ottawa infrastructure $s  because their tar-mines are all going TU.  Which indicates a distinct lack of couth.  Sure they  inflicted Ezra Levant on the county.  Sure they each own a spare gold-plated cowboy that they can melt down to pay the bills when times are tough.  

But under Notley's NDP they have instituted a carbon tax. They're at least TRYING to act normal.  I say give 'em the one pipeline (which, after all, is there already and only in need of fiddling with to make the project work) and then tell 'em to go pound salt re the others and feel righteous about it. 


CuJoYYC said...

Though I've NEVER supported the former PC government, they did create and collect a carbon tax, something that always pissed off Harper and his CPC minions.

Even the oil industry is in favour of a carbon tax.

rumleyfips said...

Yes but they're also advocating shooting her . Not good behavior; no pipeline for you.

Anonymous said...

As an NDP voter myself and an Albertan, I find your appeals to stereotypical rhetoric regarding Alberta and Albertans to be less than helpful.
I was the first to slag Levant for his Roma diatribe, and now will slag you for your hyperbolic anti-Albertan crapola.
The likes of Ezra, Harper etc were all kept doing what they do by rich Easterners as much as they were by rich Westerners. Sun News Network was not a plaything of a rich Albertan. The Sun "Empire" is not owned by Albertans.
Your outburst is written in a manner I would expect from a Reform voter in that everything you think might insult Albertans is included, even (or especially) if it doesn't make sense.For years I've argued with Albertans who say the East is out to get them.. now it appears the East is just as infested with puerile invective flung like monkey pooh and for the same effect. Hockey teams doing something for the country... seriously now?
Furthermore the only time the Brian Jean has actually had a point in his life was when he called out Coderre form dumping billions of litres of raw sewerage in the St Lawrence and then claims to be concerned about pollution. You should be more concerned that a stupid Montreal Mayor actually gave Jean an opportunity to be right about something.

This comment was beneath you and showed me and others like me that the best of the East can be just as stupid as the worst of the West.

jrkrideau said...

I don't follow hockey; when did the Leafs move to Alberta?

jrkrideau said...

Jean really didn't have much of a point. It's a very weak tu quoque argument.

Admittedly it was nasty pollution but most sewage is biodegradable and it was a one-time emergency measure with lots of warning for those downstream.

The difference between raw sewage, which, IIRC both Victoria and St. John's merrily dump into the sea every day, and the oil sands bitumen is noticeable. There was very little change that the raw sewage dump from Montreal would take out Rivière de Loup the way bitumen destroyed downtown Lac Megantic.

It almost certainly was something that should not have happened had earlier municipal governments done due diligence about infrastructure maintenance but how often does any municipal government do this?