Saturday, January 02, 2016

Longos, At Night

I have written about Longos most permissive and excellent samples policy here.

The problem is they stop giving out samples sometime after 4 PM.  Yet people come in after 4 and there are NO SAMPLES and they are HUNGRY!!!  They might be walking around thinking HEY THAT LOOKS GOOD IF I JUST HAD A SAMPLE FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSES I JUST MIGHT buy IT!!!  Or they might be looking to stuff their faces.  But whatever.  THESE PEoPlle Are Hungary!!!!  So I think I've spotted a gap in Longo's business model.  So I'm going to tell them about it.  And in doing so I am NOT JUST MOOCHING!!  I am helping to perfect GLOBAL MOTHERFUCKING CAPITALISM!Of which whom among us does not love?


jrkrideau said...

I think you're having hunger management problems. I can give you the name of a good chef.

bigcitylib said...

Does he have free samples?

deb said...

somone just isnt thereself, have a snickers!