Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Grovelling Apology In The Works?

Looks like The Natty Post has been frantically trying to erase all evidence of Jonathon Kay's now infamous blog post retailing Canadian Nazi Bernard Klatt's allegations against Richard Warman. They have asked Ezra to pull the material in question from where it was reposted here, and our free speech warrier has folded like a cheap suitcase:

UPDATE 3, Feb. 21: My friends at the National Post have asked me to take down the column which was posted here, so I have. I'll have more news on this matter shortly.

Love to hear it, Ezra.


Anonymous said...

Kewl . . . absolute proof of libel chill.

Smells like yer buddy Kinsella.

Ti-Guy said...

That comment thread over at Ezra's is like...well, a comment thread at FD, or a comment thread at KKKate's, or a comment thread at Stormfront. They're all the same, meaning they all sound the same and they feature the same people.

And that "Sholto Douglas" who was commenting here the other day, and who I didn't even talk to...dissed me behind my back!

I'm unsure whether to complain to the HRC or just pull his hair at recess.

Anonymous said...

I'm unsure whether to complain to the HRC or just pull his hair at recess. What? No eye-gouging?

Unknown said...

Ti-guy, I was contrasting your offerings with those of the generally reasoned and courteous contributions on that day. Calling Jay an imbecile, and his “gang o’ fascists”, along with “son of a bitch”, wasn’t exactly in keeping with the general tone.
I’m to the right of the soup spoon yet I don’t recall buckets or BCL calling me a fascist.
And going behind backs? ¿Qué? I post under my own name, a mere click away from my address and contact details.
Incidentally I am somewhat follicly-challenged – I would recommend bucket’s kind suggestion. Go for the eyes, mate.

Ti-Guy said...

I'd pull your hair (figuratively) over at Ezra's Sholto, but the little censor only moderates through supportive comments.

As for gang o' fascists...this goes back a looong time. And Jay Currie is an imbecile. He maintains that Noam Chomsky is an apologist for Holocaust deniers, because Chomsky defended the free expression rights of a Holocaust denier.

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

So what is Steffi apologizing for this time ?

Anonymous said...

In today's Globe and Mail "Liberal MPs Who've Resigned, Been Expelled, Crossed The Floor Or Won't Be Seeking Re-Election:

Ray Bonin, Brenda Chamberlain, Joe Comuzzi, Roy Cullen, David Emerson, Joe Fontana, John Godfrey, Bill Graham, Wajid Khan, Jean Lapierre, Nancy Karetak-Lindell, Paul Martin, Bill Matthews, Joe McGuire, Gary Merasty, Stephen Owen, Jim Peterson, Lucienne Robillard, Andy Scott, Paul Steckle, Belinda Stronach, Tom Wappel, Blair Wilson."

That's 23 since the last election barely 2 years ago. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"That comment thread over at Ezra's is like...well, a comment thread at FD, or a comment thread at KKKate's, or a comment thread at Stormfront."

It's well known that FD is bought and paid for in the sense that Connie solicits thousands of dollars in "donations" per year; a few hundred goes a long way in ensuring your POV gets heard at FD, and the donators have been known to brag to that effect.

It is said it is cheaper to buy a reporter than a hooker and that is infinitely more true with bloggers. It's no coincidence that the three most bellicose blogs in Canada belong to not overly waged women, and that women solicit and receive online "donations" significantly more than men.

Use case: Dear Kathy\Kate\Connie, I *love* your blog, especially the I Hate Muslims posts. Here's $50, and some links you might find interesting, keep up the good work!

Signed, Omar The Perfectly Legitimate Moderate Muslim Against Sharia

*cough*La Malinche*cough*

Mike Baughman said...

The first comment is right on the money.

Incidentally, students of logic will recognize your whole "Klatt's a nazi" line as a textbook ad hominem fallacy. Facts are facts, even if it's a nazi that points them out.

Unknown said...