Tuesday, February 12, 2008

But Would They Have Made Good Pets?

The Liaoning fossil beds in North East China have produced another amazing specimen:

A beautifully preserved fossil of a tiny pterosaur suggests that the giant pterodactyls that roamed the skies during the late Cretaceous period may have come from much smaller, tree-dwelling ancestors.

Interesting if this little critter really was arboreal (a few on the Dinosaur mailing list have expressed doubt), as on some accounts these beasts were the ancient equivalent of shore-birds, and one theory of their relative decline re. birds says that the simplicity and "two-dimensionality" of a shore-line environment gave them a brain too simply wired to compete effectively with their feathery brethren.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or does that little critter look just like Dion, scurrying away from another confidence vote?

Timely post BCL.

Anonymous said...

It does sort of look like a puffin with the shit kicked out of it.

run Dion run!

Ti-Guy said...

Notice how mere science brings out the vitriol among the Conservatives?


They really are psycho.

Anonymous said...

To recap:

Harper positioned himself:

1) to look tough on crime, and

2) to be opposed to the notion of an unelected, liberal partisan senate stalling popular bills.

and Dion and the Liberals take a powder.

Yes this helps the conservatives,

but you gotta know Layton will be chomping at the bit to remind voters once again that its the NDP standing up to Harper, the lone voice on the left willing to fight the good fight, while Dion cowers in the corner.

And seeing how the NDP have raised almost as much in donations as the Liberals, they'll have plenty of opportunities to do so in the upcoming weeks and months.

Ti-Guy said...

and Dion and the Liberals take a powder.

As well they should. They understand that voting on unconstitutional bills makes a mockery of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't a bill you twit,

it was a motion,

sorta like a motion supporting the troops,

or expressing condolences,

or any other situation parliament wishes to send a clear message.

But we all know Dion isn't really into clear messages.

Ti-Guy said...

How embarrassing...making a mistake in the presence of an anony-tard.


But we all know Dion isn't really into clear messages.

That's because complexity is something progressives do. Conservatives are the ones who need clear messaging...because anything else hurts their widdle bwains.

900ft Jesus said...

cute pic, BCL. Would make a cute pet.

As usual, the CONs can't stay on topic but twist everything into an attack on the Liberals. Sure sign of insecurity. Dion wouldn't play their bull-shit game, so they whine and sling schoolyard insults.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the cons be insecure:

Dion is a formidable foe, with a steely cool, firmly stated and understandable positions, and the overwhelming majority definitely sees him that way.

The polls have his personal approval numbers through the roof,

he has a massive election war chest derived from a huge number of grass roots donors,

and a united party solidly behind him with no worries of contenders looking over his shoulder trying to undermine him.

The only thing I can't understand is why Dion doesn't vote Harper out, with all of these things going for him?

A mystery really.

Ti-Guy said...

Some days, I really want to hunt Biff down and kick his arse.