Saturday, February 09, 2008

Canadian Scientist Denies Denying

Friday's Investors Business Daily, a regular purveyor of warmocaust collusionist crap science, quoted Canadian scientist Kenneth Tapping as follows:

Kenneth Tapping, a solar researcher and project director for Canada's National Research Council, is among those looking at the sun for evidence of an increase in sunspot activity.


Tapping reports no change in the sun's magnetic field so far this cycle and warns that if the sun remains quiet for another year or two, it may indicate a repeat of that period of drastic cooling of the Earth, bringing massive snowfall and severe weather to the Northern Hemisphere.

Well, of course when it comes to most science/politics issues IBD publishes mostly nonsense. This fellow contacted Dr. Tapping about the real words behind this indirect quotation, and here is Mr. Tapping's response:

Thanks for the message. The stuff on the web came from a casual chat with someone who managed to misunderstand what I said and then put the result on the web, which is probably a big caution for me regarding the future.

It is true that the beginning of the next solar cycle is late, but not so late that we are getting worried, merely curious.

It is the opinion of scientists, including me, that global warming is a major issue, and that it might be too late to do anything about it already. If there is a cooling due to the solar activity cycle laying off for a bit, then the a period of solar cooling could be a much-needed respite giving us more time to attack the problem of greenhouse gases, with the caveat that if we do not, things will be far worse when things turn on again after a few decades. However, once again it is early days and we cannot at the moment conclude there is another minimum started.

Don't wait for a retraction from IBD, though. And the "someone who managed to misunderstand" sounds like well known Canadian Denier Tim Patterson.


Dr.Dawg said...

Will Kate retract?

Don't hold your breath.

Commenter said...

"Will Kate retract?"

Who retracts in the blogsphere?

The SOP is to insult the commenter who dares fact check a blogger whose facts aren't straight. What's up with that, anyway?

Ti-Guy said...

Who retracts in the blogsphere?

Plenty of bloggers do...Retract, correct or update.

A diarrhea-bong for righties like Small Dead Animals never exhibits this kind of journalistic good practice, however.

And that's by design.

commenter said...

"Plenty of bloggers do..."

This coming from the genius who says Canadians who criticize the health care system should be denied treatment.

I think we've found the Liberal "Secret Agenda"!

bigcitylib said...

I've retracted. Actually feels good.

TCO said...

It was me. I changed the sun. And then I introduced the evil misleading interpretation of the noble scientist. I am Xenu.


Burn baby burn!

bigcitylib said...

TCO, STFU. Or I'll have you beheaded man. I'm not kidding. Suzuki's too soft on you freaks.

tco said...

Kiss, kiss darling.

Ti-Guy said...

This coming from the genius who says Canadians who criticize the health care system should be denied treatment.

All Conservatives are liars.

I don't even bother to ask them to substantiate their baseless assertions anymore.

william g. king said...

TiGuy, today: "All Conservatives are liars."

TiGuy, only 1 day ago:

"Well, it is a weak to call all Conservatives liars"

Come on, guys, get it together. This isn't even a challenge.

Ti-Guy said...

Come on, guys, get it together. This isn't even a challenge.

That's just your Dunning-Kruger talking.

Thinking critically about reality is never a challenge when you never engage in it.

Sort of like how I find that quantum mechanics poses no challenges to me whatsoever.

Dante said...

//All Conservatives are liars.//


buckets said...

"Jerry, just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it."

Anonymous said...

Don't even bother arguing with ti-guy. That hateful bigot knows nothing in his blind rage against conservativism. If we said day was light and night was dark, he'd say we're lying and that Man has caused the diurnal pattern to be reversed. He's confidently ignorant, but that's no reason not to be opinionated.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote the article?

bigcitylib said...

The origonal IBD thing seems to be unsigned.

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