Monday, February 11, 2008

Blogging Tories Should Give SDA The Boot

Progblogs kicked out MyBlagh for far less than this. Raphael seems a relatively decent sort, and makes claims to centrism. He should get the ball rolling.


Anonymous said...

This "gag" is equal parts tasteless and pointless. Usually a prank involves gaining the mark's trust in order to perpetuate an embarassing gaffe. Here there's no gaffe, merely a perfectly normal response. If somebody showed me an arm tatoo with numbers under ANY circumstance I would immediately think "concentration camp tatoo". I mean, (I would think to myself) who would be so vile and inconsiderate as to fake such a thing?

Sadly, we have an answer.

Anonymous said...

Why stop at booting her from the BTs? Show the world what a true champion of human rights you are and call for hate crime charges to be laid, or at least a HRC investigation. Yes?

Ti-Guy said...

Why stop at booting her from the BTs?

Because the BT's aren't that retarded, sock-puppet.

The BT's should have given ol' KKKate the boot long ago. Why on Earth did they keep her around? To distract the rest of us when the Harpies were breaking the law?

Well done, Mr. Soilberger. Unfortunately, your plan worked too well.

Anonymous said...

Why Warren would post such a thing without context and void of content --as if were just dangling signifier--and without questioning the originator as to why they had sent him that image is beyond me. Although it may speak to his own sensationalist style which, in reflection, makes him the other side of the same SDA coin.

I say both have extremely bad taste. And both should be sanctioned as they have been and will continue to be for their sensationalist and self- aggrandizing behavior. But banning ?
What is it with all you bansters? Just call it for what is and leave it there. Why should the Cons bloggers ban someone just because Prog bloggers prefer this rather antiquarian method of social sanction.

Ti-Guy said...


Read more, talk less, anony.

bigcitylib said...


Why don't we start small, like with your people taking out their own trash.

Anonymous said...

Kate is hot!!

Anonymous said...

Think more, write less, Ti-Guy.

quite right though bad formation from root. Should have read «antiquated form»

Anonymous said...

MyBlagh is an out of the mainstream blog. Most self-respecting people don't even go close to that place.

It's the gutter.

SDA is one of Canada's leading blogs. You simply can't compare the two.

Anonymous said...

Are you nuts? If it wasn't for Kate's blog, no one would even know yours exist. The little bit of traffic you do get is because of sda.

Stop being drama queens. Kate kicked Kinswilsueya's ass. It has happened before and it will again.

Kinwilsueya is a ghost buster, without a ghost. It needed to be shown the lengths he will go to make something out of nothing.

Ti-Guy said...

SDA is one of Canada's leading blogs. You simply can't compare the two.

No it isn't, you cretin. It's a shit blog run by a white supremacist cunt who, without her prodigious air-bushing talent, would be a social welfare burden as we speak.

I hope she dies soon. I really hate Kate McMillan.

Anonymous said...

ti-guy, you lefties sure can get riled, and with your last statement about Kate, it proves you are a real creep. I can't imagine someone being so utterly insane that they wished the death of someone because they lacked the intelligence and skill to debate them.

Kate has the best blog in Canada, that is just a fact.

Anonymous said...

ti-guy, I thought the lefts job was to produce and protect welfare recipients.

You would like Kate on welfare, as the left always likes people on welfare. They are just so much easier to control aren't they?

You can feed them leftist shit, and they can't speak out, because the left owns them. The left can't have enough pets on welfare to control.

You can tell those welfare recipients anything, make them vote for you, because you are their masters, you feed them.

Ti-Guy said...

Hey, (frequent commenter at KKKate's). How's tricks?

Man. KKKate's got commenters who name themselves the equivalent of "wet snatch."

How conservative.

Anonymous said...

ti-guy you don't want me reporting you to the feminist do you? They are left like you, and you don't want to go down in their black book of misogynist males.

I could pretend I was a feminist, and have you de-nutted for that comment. They are always on the look out for another eunuch to add to their collection.

Ti-Guy said...

Hmm...that was kind of funny, Snatchy. Sign up for a blogger account, and I'll start taking you seriously.

Anonymous said...

I'll pass ti-guy. There is something about left males and their passive-aggressive behaviour, that freaks me out.

You have a nice night, and work on dissipating that scalding rage towards Kate. I am hoping you won't act on it, and you are just on the rag or something like that.

Ti-Guy said...

and you are just on the rag or something like that.

This is best Snatchy's got? God, no wonder the British think we're boring.

It's your fault, Snatchy...YOUR FAULT!

Raphael Alexander said...

The latest theory is that Mr.Kinsella punked himself. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Ti-guy, at least admit that Kate looks good in that picture of her on the motorcycle that BCL linked too. She's HHHot!!!

Anonymous said...


From the UK's Independent:

"Up to 17,000 women in Britain are being subjected to "honour" related violence, including murder, every year, according to police chiefs.

And official figures on forced marriages are the tip of the iceberg, says the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

It warns that the number of girls falling victim to forced marriages, kidnappings, sexual assaults, beatings and even murder by relatives intent on upholding the "honour" of their family is up to 35 times higher than official figures suggest.

The crisis, with children as young as 11 having been sent abroad to be married, has prompted the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to call on British consular staff in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan to take more action to identify and help British citizens believed to be the victims of forced marriages in recent years."

The only reason you think Rapheal's Ok is that he, like you, likes to gloss over these pesky little facts with your "if a 'neocon' says it, it must be false" reactionary worldview.

Anonymous said...

I'll stand sqarely with those poor women and children who are victimized by a barbaric ideology,

and Rapheal can stand with the "progressive" Canadian coffee shop crowd, in choosing to turn a blind eye to such a travesty in the name of the left's warped sense of political correctness.

Raphael Alexander said...

The only reason you think Rapheal's Ok is that he, like you, likes to gloss over these pesky little facts with your "if a 'neocon' says it, it must be false" reactionary worldview.

Where do you get nonsense like that? I simply believe in facts, not fiction. What's so wrong about that?

Ti-Guy said...

Ti-guy, at least admit that Kate looks good in that picture of her on the motorcycle that BCL linked too (sicO. She's HHHot!!!

....Snatchy (sign up a Blogger account for pity sake: you're embarrassing me)...

Of course she is; Kate McMillan is a very physically attractive woman. Everyone knows that.

...she's just a cunt, is all.

Anonymous said...

OT but topical. The oracle of the left Noam Chomsky, THE Noam Chomsky was asked about the HRC witchhunt of Levant and Steyn.

The Question:

"A number of prominent right-wing Canadian authors are before my country’s various human rights tribunals and human rights commissions. One of those authors is Ezra Levant, who is charged with publishing the “Muhammad Cartoons”. The other is Mark Steyn, charged with a number of offenses amongst them quoting a European Imam on demographic predictions.
What is your opinion on these Human Rights Commissions and other government restrictions on “hate speech”? Are you generally supportive of these types of measures, or do you oppose them?"

What does he say. He says this (a direct quote)

"There should be a very heavy burden of proof on any effort to restrict freedom of speech. I strongly oppose the measures you describe. I do not think the burden of proof is even approached, let alone met. In this respect I agree with the US Supreme Court, which, in the 1960s, set what i think is a proper standard for protection of freedom of speech."

Noam Chomsky

Sorry BCL. The oracle has spoken.

H/T Dime a Dozen

Ti-Guy said...

The oracle of the left Noam Chomsky, THE Noam Chomsky...

Yeah, I stopped reading here. Noam Chomsky is not an oracle of the left, you cretinous idiot.

By the way...are you proud of being a cretinous idiot?

Noam Chomsky supports anarcho-syndicaslim, which is largely libertarian.

Fuck...Do you right-tards ever read?

Anonymous said...

Does this old man 'Ti-Guy' realize that his profanity doesn't bestow upon him some youthful, urban hipness, that this old man appears to crave,

but rather simply makes him look like an old fool?

Steve V said...

"She's hot"

Get out much?

Anonymous said...

Ti-guy, BCL hangs on every word spoken by NOAM CHOMSKY. NOAM CHOMSKY is regularly cited by left-wingers and has a cult-like following on the left. The oracle has spoken. He has said "I STRONGLY OPPOSE THE MEASURES YOU DESCRIBE."

This is a MAJOR blow to BCL's efforts of convincing his readers of the correctness of his anti-free speech crusade.

Anonymous said...

Let us talk. Good scoop on Chomsky's take of the Levant,Steyn/HRC story. I have little time for him myself but I know that many people respect his views.

I went over to the Dime a Dozen website and it looks legit. I see also that BCL was commenting on it in the combox.

What say you BCL of this latest development? Also that the Winnipeg Free Press, a left-leaning mainstream comes out in favour of Keith Martin and Steyn and Levant in an editorial today.

A bad day for Kinsella and BCL I'd say.

Anonymous said...

From the quotes above, Mr. Chomsky was misinformed, quite possibly deliberately. Steyn and Levant are "charged" with nothing. they are being investigated in cases which will most likely end at that stage. That doesn't stop either one from howling that they're being crucified, but hey, reality just don't sell good copy. Chomsky is quite right, the bar should be set high, and Kinsella and others have been quite clear they think that nothing will come out of the investigations. They are probably right. But when you make your living disparaging minorities, and then somebody lodges a complaint, yes there is going to be a preliminary examination of the situation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43

Chomsky has come out against the HRC and has taken the sides of Levant and Steyn. You say he was misinformed? How dare you attack Noam Chomsky. He's one of the most intelligent and brilliant men writing today. I suggest you read his many books. He said what he meant and meant what he said.

I'm shaking my head in disbelief. Noam Chomsky is many things, but misinformed isn't one of them.

Ti-Guy said...

I have little time for him myself but I know that many people respect his views.

Little time...more like "I've never read anything he's ever written."

I'm not a fan of Chomsky, particularly his boring prose style, and his refusal to sue people who've libeled or slandered him. But Chomsky never asserts anything without some sort of evidence, and you can't fault him for that.

But what I can't stand are arseholes...illiterate arseholes like Biff and his sock-puppet brigade (Frances, William G. etc.) who don't have a clue about what they're talking about but nonetheless have an opinion about it.

I wouldn't be surprised, BCL if your Biff sock-puppet is the NAMBLA-obsessed cocksucker Richard Evans himself, or one of his little alcoholic fuck-buddies.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere does the email claim it is a holocaust tatoo. The skin on the arm certainly doesn't look like it belongs to somebody who is over 63 years old, clue #2. #3 the numerics are wrong, as anybody could tell you. #4, it's handwritten quite clearly in ink, rather than it being a faded 63-year old tatoo.

Conclusion: Kinsella is gullible as hell.

Justin Socie said...

The main difference in this situation is that SDA is mainstream political opinion when it comes to the Blogging Tories.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we've heard this same tired song before. Conservatives are mean, they're evil, they're racist, insensitive, cold, stupid, blah blah blah.

We're also correct. Which is what really pisses you off.

Ti-Guy said...

We're also correct. Which is what really pisses you off.

No. It's because you're all so hateful and enraged all the time about things that don't concern you or that you don't understand. And that'd be OK if you all could just keep your mouths shut.

You're hardly ever correct...people who are indifferent to evidence rarely are.

Case in point: the Iraq Invasion. You guys own that clusterfuck.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3:19

We're also correct.

You obviously haven't seen the last thread here about global warming. Anonymous took a couple of pretty hard hits until he/she ran away.

Of course, you are more than welcome to take up their side of the debate.