Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ezra Levant: Repealing Section 13 Is Only The First Step!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

Mr Levant:

Some people think the only reform necessary to Canada's human rights commissions is to remove the "thought crime" provisions that have ensnared the likes of Mark Steyn and me. Some people think that the rest of the work of these commissions is important for the truly downtrodden in our society.

They have no idea what they're talking about.

I've already written about two absurd cases in Alberta that have nothing to do with "hate messages" -- the restaurant that was convicted and fined $4,900 for daring to fire a kitchen manager who contracted Hepatitis...

The lads from Law is Cool have discussed this case in relation to Ezra's earlier column:

...the medical evidence, known to Alberta Family Restaurant at the time, was that the manager did not present a risk so long as standard kitchen hygiene was followed.

And point out that:

It is fortunate for the Restaurant (and the other employers mentioned in that paragraph) that human rights tribunals have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with employment matters involving discrimination. Had the cases been treated as standard wrongful dismissal cases before a court the awards would likely be greater and they would have been on the hook for costs. $4,900 would have been $ 49,000 or more. It is much cheaper for a defendant to defeat a frivolous claim and cheaper for a losing defendant to have the matter come before a tribunal than a court.

I would also note that for years I worked alongside a women with Hep C and while, when this was first revealed, some of her fellow employees (myself included) felt a bit icky, we were assured by medical staff that she was no danger to us in a white-collar, office environment. People gradually forgot about the matter.

Furthermore, Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman was also afflicted with Hep C. Nobody argued that he "could not do his job" because of it. Maybe Ezra was out in Calgary at the time


Ti-Guy said...

It's not that Levant is opposed to restrictions of freedom of expression (the ugly little proto-fascist is a notorious censor), or is opposed to human rights tribunals arbitrating on matters of expression; it's that Levant is against human rights justice itself. Many libertarian conservatives are.

That much is clear as day. It's "the stupid Charter," after all.

Raphael Alexander said...

I actually left a comment on his site asking for proof that Alberta had spent a half million dollars on the HRC investigation of his case. But it didn't get past his filter.

Ti-Guy said...

We should just keep a database of Levant's unsubstantiated assertions:

Second post on this blog:

Federal and provincial governments seem slow to respond to the overwhelming national consensus to rein in these commissions. At what point does international embarrassment become a factor?

What overwhelming consensus?

I'd ask him, but he won't respond to challenges.

Gayle said...

He actually refused to post a comment questioning his numbers?

What an idiot.

He seems to be finding it difficult to accept that not that many people really care about his little cause. It is time he got over himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's my quote on the law is cool site - and partly reproduced above.

Who's this A. Reader guy anyway? If I ever meet Mr. Reader in a dark ally - whoa boy look out- that'll teach him to steal my words!

bigcitylib said...


I hope you're a certfied law talkin' guy.

Anonymous said...

Nbob, please do contact us. If you choose to provide your full name, we are obviously willing do note attribution.

Anonymous said...

Nbob, please do contact us. If you choose to provide your full name, we are obviously willing to note attribution for your post.

Anonymous said...

It was a joke !

I'm happy to remain anonymous and let A. Reader take all the credit : )

I am a lawyer. I don't post under my real name 'cause then I'd have to put " I'm not your lawyer, do not rely on this, etc. " after just about every freakin' comment I write.

There are lots of crazy people on the interwebs and I've got better things to do than respond to the law society and/or file statements of defense.

Thanks for the offer anyway - keep up the good work BCL and Law is Cool.