Friday, February 08, 2008

On Divas

A nice editorial from the Victoria Times Colonist re. Keith Martin and Section 13 of the Civil Rights Act. It argues that, whether or not you agree with his stand on the issue, the need is not so pressing as to justify Martin's dispute with his own party, especially in the run-up to a possible Spring election which is (according to the latest polls) starting to look quite winnable.

A similar logic applies even more urgently to the debate over our Afghanistan mission. It is good to see that Roy Cullen has decided to rejoin the team, but there are rumors now that Robert Thibault might attempt some improvised free-thinking. I would remind Mr. Thibault that the current Liberal policy is already a compromise between the greater portion of the party's MPs and your small group of "Liberal hawks". The tail, in other words, has already wagged the dog once. Why should it be allowed to do so again?


rabbit said...

I don't think Keith Martin has a dispute with his own party. Rather it's his party which has a dispute with him.

After all, Keith Martin has a right to advance a private member's bill. It was Dion that decided to take exception to the action.

One might better ask why Dion has chosen to raise this dispute at this time. Instead of asking Martin to withdraw the bill, Dion could simply have told his party not to support it if and when it came before parliament.

Reality Bites said...

What are the chances a Conservative MP would be allowed to put forward a Private Member's bill (or motion, which is what this is) without Harper's approval

That's right. None.

Ti-Guy said...

One might better ask why Dion has chosen to raise this dispute at this time.

Well ask him then, and stop boring everyone with your inane opinions.

"Hello, my name is Rabbit, and I believe the Canada would be a much better place if we were all as insensate as I am."

I was being charitable when I considered you a concern troll, Rabbit. At least that requires cunning.

rabbit said...


So far as I know, a party can not prevent an MP from advancing a private member's bill. It's not a matter of being "allowed" to.

I have no idea whether conservatives or NDP or (most) liberals seek the approval of their party of not when they advance private member's bills.

Many of the hundreds of private members bills before parliament right now are advanced by conservatives. My guess is that if the party was really behind them they would have been submitted by the appropriate minister, not by a private member.

Anonymous said...

The average perception on Af'stan can only go UP for most Canadians. All we have seen or heard from the lefty-media is when there has been a soldier or a civilian killed. Never good news, and there is tons of it. So from here on in, Canadians will finally get to see the tremendous accomplishments that've been made there. The truth is our there, and you Liberals can't bury it forever, no matter how hard you try.

Reality Bites said...

As far as I know, Harper does whatever the hell he wants with his caucus of castrated sheep and only a fool pretends otherwise.

If you think there's a chance in hell that a Conservative MP would be allowed to, say, submit a motion calling for a withdrawl from Afghanistan, or decriminalization of marijuana, or criminalization of abortion, I'd like to know what you're smoking.

This is the man, after all, who stated quite bluntly: The Conservative government won't be initiating or supporting abortion legislation, and I'll use whatever influence I have in Parliament to be sure that such a matter doesn't come to a vote. I will use whatever influence I have to keep that off of the agenda, and I don't see any likelihood of that in the next Parliament.

You can pretend to yourself all you want that Harper doesn't exercise complete control over what he caucus can and can't do. But don't expect anyone else to swallow your bullshit.

bigcitylib said...


A few weird ones seem to have slipped through the cracks. The Mike Lkae thing re recognizing bigfoot as endangered, for example.

rabbit said...


You should read what I wrote, rather than substituting your own overheated imaginings. I plainly said I didn't know (or could only guess) what the conservatives did.

And I actually I don't really care. This isn't about the Conservatives, it's about Liberals.

My point is that it's weird to suggest Martin is picking a fight, when in fact he didn't. It was Dion who made it an issue when he could have safely ignored the entire thing.

If an election is imminent (which was one of the Colonist's points) then Martin's bill will die on the order paper anway.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good news story from Afghanistan:

Today we buried seven civilians in six nicely dug graves, one a little deeper to hold the mother and baby both. Our soldiers put nice flowers on each grave. [photo op] We are importing more flowers to put on our nice, ever-expanding graveyard.

Reality Bites said...

Why would I read what you right, when you're not only a Conservative troll, but a boring, boring, boring, lying Conservative troll?

I don't really care what you wrote, since you were writing in response to me, inaccurately. I stand by my first post, which you have yet to disprove.

Oh - and fuck off.

Anonymous said...

We're all well aware of the notion that the Liberal party comes first before all else.

Before country,

before liberty,

before our basic freedoms.

Nope, there's no value too precious that the Liberals won't toss aside for pure partisan expediency.

Anonymous said...

BCL, what's with the election talk?

Every time there's serious talk of an election Dion turns tail and runs away.

He has trouble making basic decisions, pulling the plug on the government? Not from what I've seen of this man. He's an all talk no action sort of guy in case you haven't noticed. Action for him is penning a letter.

The guy has no credibility as a leader. Everyone, as the polls on leadership ability conistently show, knows it. It's the elephant in the room on Liberal Blogs. Everyone knows it, no one talks about it.

Anonymous said...


Don't get your hopes up too high. This is what Dion is quoted as saying lastnight in Victoria "We are facing a government who wants to go into an election at any cost," Dion said." That doesn't sound like someone who is pining to go to the polls. There are serveal reasons this conservative minority is the longest-serving conservative minority since confederation, and one of the most important of those is named Stephane Dion. I agree with Jim Travers, columnist for the Toronto Star and general advice-gvier to the Liberal Party, he's done too much dithering and not enough doing.