Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More on Star Spangled Racism

The stuff you hear from Bush and various American Conservatives, re. the anthem of an English speaking country should be sung only in English, is racist bullshit. The Star Spangled Banner has already been translated into Spanish by the U.S. government in 1919, see here (or visit Drudge). It's also been translated into German, Latin, and Yiddish, and has been sung in French by the Acadians of Louisiana for years without the country falling apart, and without any controversy. The horse of linguistic purity is out of the barn, for chrissakes! Hell, it's even been translated into Samoan:

O Roketi mumu fa'aafi, o pomu ma fana ma aloi afi
E fa'amaonia i le po atoa, le fu'a o lo'o tu maninoa
Aue! ia tumau le fe'ilafi mai, ma agiagia pea
I eleele o Sa'olotoga, ma Nofoaga o le au totoa [3]

Not even hard to find all this crap out. Just go to Wikipedia here.

Honestly, the immigration debate down South has turned disgusting. Once again, the American Right disgraces itself.

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