Tuesday, May 16, 2006


From CTV:

OTTAWA -- A House of Commons committee has rejected Prime Minister Stephen Harper's star recruit to head the new public appointments commission.

Harper can still appoint Gwyn Morgan, but his minority Conservative government would be doing so against the will of the opposition parties.

The New Democrat MP who put forward the motion said she considered Morgan unsuitable because of his past controversial comments about immigrants bringing violence to Canada.

Specifically, Gwyn has said that

“...the vast majority of violent, lawless immigrants come from countries where the culture is dominated by violence and lawlessness. Jamaica has one of the world’s highest crime rates driven mainly by the violence between gangs competing for dominance in the Caribbean drug trade”

Jeez, can Harper find anyone who hasn't slagged natives or immigrants to serve in his government?

Update, 4 pm: So now, rather than look for someone who hasn't made racist remarks to run his public appointments commision, Harper is killing the whole idea, blaming the opposition, and claiming he needs a majority to clean-up government. What a whiner!


Anonymous said...

Out here in Calgary this douchebag is a hero (Morgan, not Harper)(even though I think Harper is a douche too). You should have read the Sun today extolling Morgan's virtues. Clearly Albertans value raping the land, doing business with Third World dictators, and berating anyone who isn't white and rich. But then again, look at our premier.

Anonymous said...

kinda like how hard it is to find an honest Liberal

Liberals hid costs of gun registry, Fraser says

The former Liberal government went to great lengths to hide the true costs of the controversial gun registry, Auditor General Sheila Fraser said in a scathing report released Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Encana gave $100,000 to the Liberals under Paul Martin's leadership under Mr. Morgan's lead and the same amount to the Conservatives.

Would appear to have balanced the "partisan" question.

Also, when the Liberals are screaming about "appointing BAGMEN take a close look at the unelected Liberal Senators. If they were not journalists or hockey stars they were Liberal party organizers and bagmen.

Methinks the Liberals just don't want any changes to the patronage appointment process unless they can get their own patronage appointment to oversee it.

Strange times.

Oxford County Liberals said...

Interesting how the Liberals are getting blamed by you "Anonymous" folks when it was the NDP who put foward the motion to reject him.