Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rick Mercer Endorses Bob Rae?

Well, not exactly, but their fishing trip to Northern Ontario gave old Bob a good five minutes to make his case for Lib Leader and Prime Minister, with Rick lobbing him the occasional soft-ball question along the way. Mercer also took a neat little shot at Iggy re fishing licenses: "If Michael Ignatieff were here, I would have got the "catch, torture, and release licenses".

Given some of the posts on Rick's blog, is he a secret Bob Rae admirer?

And of course Bob came across as cool as a cucumber. He contrasted his own "pragmatic" model of government, where "we all take care of one another", with the Tories "ideological approach", which involves following "right wing theories" even when these are not appropriate. A nice bit of free advertising.

And later, bums pixellated, the two men got naked and went for a swim. No BrokeBack Mountain references at all


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

I thought Bob shined.

If the other Liberal leadership candidates do not do Rick's show, they'll be in trouble.

Mike said...

I've said it before BCL and I'll say it again - if Bob Rae is the leader of the Liberals I'll vote Liberal for the first time in my life.

Hell, I may even join the party....and I am not alone.

Ti-Guy said...

I thought it was great. If we don't have a Liberal leader with a sense of humour, we are doomed. There is no way to deal effectively with the humourless ideologues on either end of the political spectrum than to (gently) make it obvious that you think they're kind of ridiculous.