Monday, October 30, 2006

Tory Green Plan Could Lead to New Treaties....Someday

Almost beyond my ability to ooze sarcasm. Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn said today that the Tory green plan could lay the groundwork for a new "clean air" treaty with the U.S.:

"I think it's something that has merit, and is worth discussions in the future," he said. "You cannot discount the fact that the air on both sides of the border has no boundary. Pollution knows no boundary."


"I do believe that's something you could see in the years ahead, once we get this (clean air legislation and regulations) done, because it's important that we do it," he said.

Actually, boundaries or not, as far as I know, the prevailing wind systems tend to blow crappy air up from Detroit, not down from TO.

But in any case, this is one of the lamest, most pathetic public statements I've ever heard. Its like the Tories barely have the energy to go through the motions on the environmental file. Sure the Libs also did nothing on the issue, but at least they pretended to give a shit.

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