Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Former Green Party Campaign Manager Adds Michael Geist To The List, Is Now Suing Entire Internet

Wayne Crookes is a former organizer for the Green Party of Canada, and so litigious he makes Warren Kinsella look unflappable. Michael Geist is one of Canada's foremost experts on all things Internet (and an excellent speaker). Crookes suit against Geist, according to the latter, concerns: allegedly defamatory third party comment on my site that I took down and for writing about, and linking to,, which in turn linked to another site that allegedly contained a defamatory posting. In other words, I'm reportedly being sued for maintaining a blogroll that links to a site that links to a site that contains some allegedly defamatory third party comments.

I am frankly at a loss for words. Some things are so stupid as to be beyond even my ability to ridicule them

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Zorpheous said...

Best be careful Biggie, Crookes could sue you for linking to the Wiki about him,... seriously