Sunday, May 06, 2007

Randy Hillier: Rural Separatist, Tory Candidate

John Tory's Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is bringing scary back with the nomination of Lanark Landowners Association President Randy Hillier as its candidate in the riding of Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington. If it's government regulation, Randy's agin it, from seat belt laws to Health and Safety Regulations to the Safe Drinking Water Act . Not only that, Mr. Hillier's solution to these myriad of bureaucratic oppressions is...wait for it...wait for it a little more, because its have rural Ontario separate from the rest of the Province:

For rural Ontario to breathe freely once again the urban political noose must be cut from its neck, and a new province formed, liberated from the tyranny of the silent mob majority. A new provincial legislature, complete with its own constitution, that promotes justice, freedom and protection of private property and liberty, without infringing upon others is the answer. Rural Ontario must shed the shackles of apathy, correctness, and fear of controversy to regain its prosperity and democratic heritage.

According to Hillier, he will be helping the Tory Torys write their election platform:

"The Tories don't have their election platform.... outlined yet. Should I succeed, I can help shape that," (ColborneChronicle, February 8, 2007).

I wonder if they've chosen a name for the new province?

Incidentally, more of Randy Hillier's writings can be found here, and an interesting account of the Lanarck Landowners Association's attitude to government interference can be found here:

We don't mind government interference sometimes. We just think they should interfere when we want them to and get out when we want them to.

And isn't that everyone's dream?


susansmith said...

All I have to say to Randy Hillier is WALKERTON. Enough said.

Darren McEwen said...

John Tory and his people are likely scared out of their mind over this nomination win. :)

Ti-Guy said...

How exactly does this...hick...envision a new province of Rural Ontario? A bunch of disconnected Bantustans? And what about the ever-important distinction between rural-farm and rural-non-farm?

Boy...conservatives sure can pick 'em.

Anonymous said...

urban political noose must be cut from its neck

According to our Mayor, that sounds like Preimer Stelmach.

Alison said...

Oh do let's have us a naming contest.
Let's see.. Cascadia ... Atlantica ..
How about Bit-in-the-middle-ica?

JimBobby said...

Hillier is big on these farmers' protest tractor barricade dealls where they all drive their tractors around Queen's park or up an' down in front of Diane Finley's office.

John Tory sez protesters like the First Nations fellers an' gals over in Caldonia an' up by Belleville oughta be liable fer the costs of policing associated with their protests. I wonder how Hillier likes that idea.


bigcitylib said...

Good point, JimBobby. There might even be a post in that.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you of different view than urban liberals shall be crushed by OUR will!!! YOU don't deserve a voice in politics!! Assimilate now, or we will call you names! Like HICK! Or hate-monger! That's what we do best, as we are THE NATURAL RULING PARTY OF CANADA!

Anonymous said...

To Janfromthebruce.....Walkerton?? How uninformed are you? Read Justice O'Connor's report and you'll understand how the Ontario Liberals used the criminal actions of 2 drunken municipal employees as an excuse to spend billions and pretend it's about safety, rather than just more growth of bureaucracy. How many paper-shufflers does it take to make you feel safe??

Anonymous said...

Other than Phil, you guys are amazing. Have you ever set foot outside the downtown core of Toronto? do you have even a clue about what you are talking about? You live snug in the big city, totally isolated from the consequences of the litany of really bad ideas you have foisted upon rural Ontario. Then when someone stands up and says "Enough!" you get upset. How bout this, come out to the country and live on a farm for a year. Try to makle a living when every time you turn around some big city paper pusher is telling you, that what you are doing and have been doing for decades is wrong, and now you must change to a far more expensive method, and no there is no help financially from those demanding the change. Or better yet, have your land stolen out from under you with not a penny in compensation to be seen. THEN you might have an idea of what goes on outsde the city limits. Until that time, it would suit you well to can your critizism and perhaps ask a few intelligent questions about what is going on out here. Failing that, simply sit down and shut up. Feel free to join the rest of the adults at the conversation table when you actually have something worthwhile to say.