Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Canada, The FireBombs Fly From Right To Left

Ezra chooses a most inopportune moment to go all cultural relativist on us:

Two groups of protesters met in Calgary yesterday: 25 members of the "Aryan Guard" white supremacist group, and 150 assorted leftist urchins, led by Bonnie Collins, the Communist Party candidate and spokewoman for the often-violent group, Anti-Racist Action.

A pox on both of their houses, I say.

And that's the point. I despise them both. But I don't think either group should be arrested for having foul ideas. According to the press reports that I've seen, there was some chanting and sign-waving and even a few leaflets being handed out, but no violence, and no incitement of violence.

No incitement of violence but, just possibly, real violence directed against Ms. Collins' family not a month ago:

But since they started posting pictures of themselves on the Internet with guns and baseball bats -- and after two recent Molotov cocktail attacks in the city were tied to possible white supremacist activity -- it's the counter-protesters who have to hide their faces. One person who knows the danger of standing up against the neo-Nazis is Bonnie Collins.

That moment was painfully relived Friday, when Bonnie -- as part of a counter-demonstration -- confronted the neo-Nazis, who asked her, "How's your house, Bonnie?" while standing behind a cordon of police officers on the front steps of city hall.

"Is it nice and toasty in there? How's Jason and the kids?"

Apart from gaining ground in their intimidation campaign, the neo-Nazis showed they have absolute freedom of movement in Calgary.

Of course Ezra must know about all this stuff. It was reported widely in the Calgary MSM and here, among other places. That he chooses to brush off this important feature of the story says more about how hide-bound his own philosophy has become than about the real danger posed by a re-emergent Calgary Neo-Nazi movement. And indeed it IS on the ascendant again, as the Calgary Sun points out:

Whether we like it or not, the white supremacist movement in the city is growing and scoring points in its quest to spread a message of hate across Calgary.

And as the folks at Stormfront confirm (warning! link leads to nasty website!):

Keep up the good work lads, we're making headway in Calgary! I'd also like to say just how much this Bonnie Collins woman agitates me.

Meanwhile, a few of the speechies seem to be having 2nd thoughts re the tide of old Nazis they have unleashed on Ottawa this Tuesday. Not surprisingly, Ezra is not among them.

PS. Ezra and Mark Steyn et al always argue that the numbers of these Neo-Nazis is so tiny as to be insignificant. Well, this graphic from Stormfront suggests a Canadian membership of about 700. I don't know whether that's significant or not.


Anonymous said...

"Labels: Calgary Nazis, Ezra Levant, Jewish Nazis"

OK, now that's funny. Antisemitic as all hell, but a step up from your usual Medieval antisemitism. I eagerly await the "Typical Brown Biblethumper" tag.

bigcitylib said...

Whoopsie. That's actually a wrong tag (there are apparently Jewish Nazis, and I wrote about them once). But I'll keep it if you like it.

bigcitylib said...

Actually, I removed it. There are better insults to hurl at Mr. Levant.

Ti-Guy said...

"And that's the point. I despise them both."

I'm don't think Ezra does in equal measures. You can tell Ezra despises the white supremacists far, far less than the "leftist urchins."

It's a psychological problem with these righties...they do admire power and aggression and despise what they perceive as wimpiness and pacifism.

Dr.Dawg said...

Thanks for the "second thoughts" link. But I had a wee chuckle at this:

I think it is no coincidence that the Chinese firewall suppressing information about the Tibetan uprising is happening on the eve of the Lemire case.

This takes conspirazoid thinking to a whole new level, doesn't it?

bigcitylib said...
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Ti-Guy said...

Dawg's referring to your link to Deborah Gyapong, who's another one of these poor souls going through torture trying to reconcile their faith-based hatred of people who subscribe to different belief systems with journalism and freedom of expression.

With these types, the motivation to address this issue always revolves around themselves. With Gyapong, it's really all about her.

I suspect that when this society finally has real problems to deal with, these types will be the first to succumb.

Blazingcatfur said...

My what a lovely little wish-dream;)

bigcitylib said...


I want a picture of Lemire, Steyn, and Levant in a group hug in Ottawa on Tuesday. Know anyone that can get one for me?

Be interesting how hard Steyn tries to keep away from his "supporters".

The Rat said...

700 in Canada you say?

Wow, that would mean, like 70 in each province!! Ok, maybe 53 per if we include the territories. Frightening! They could conceivably all get together and fill an elementary school gym!

Seriously, are you defending the restriction of basic human rights on the grounds that .0021% of the Canadian population MIGHT hold repugnant white supremist views? You know there were like, 3,000,000 Sturmabteilung , right? Can you really compare an estimated 700 to that? Is that your argument? Do you hide from your own shadow, too?

bigcitylib said...


Probably about 8 times the number of honest to gawd Islamofascists. And you're afraid of them, aren't you?

buckets said...

That 700, of course, is only suggestive of Canadians who are regulars at Stormfront. There's no reason to suppose that all Canadian white supremacists frequent that site (or any other).

The Rat said...

When was the last time a neo-Nazi strapped on a suicide vest or killed and artist for making a film mocking Hitler? And no, I'm not terribly afraid of "islamo-fascists" nor am I calling for their rights to be trampled just because they write disgusting stuff on a website. You seem to be projecting again, it's very enlightening.

Truth be told, I am much, much more afraid of people like you and ti-guy, McLelland and Kinsella with your "good intentions". I am more afraid of "Rohm" Warman gathering his little "brown shirts" and directing attacks against those he disagrees with. From small steps like those gross atrocities have come. Read your history and see yourself in the mirror the pages show you.

Ti-Guy said...

Truth be told, I am much, much more afraid of people like you and ti-guy...

As you damn-well should be.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the firebombs fly from the supports of Sayed, to the critics of Sayed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This has got to be the most surreal blog I've ever seen. You have an oppressive, socialist police state forming, yet you vilify the couple of people like Steyn and Levant who are trying to stand up to it. You want the government to smack down a small group of freethinkers that you don't agree with, yet think the government won't smack you down next. It is quite a bit like the rightthink in 1984 where you comfortably hold completely contradictory thoughts at the exact same time.

Anonymous said...

And more abortion doctors have been killed on TV than in real life.

And the Peace movement isn't now using violence to achieve their goals.