Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nearly 40 Years Later, And Still In Decline!

Someone clearly peed in Salim Mansur's cornflakes this morning:

This is the great liberal death wish, a twisted psychology of that intellectual class which willingly goes out to buy the lies of a culture that entombs freedom, as was done in the Soviet Union -- and continues in places such as China and Saudi Arabia -- and fashion these lies as a cure for manufactured ills in the West, with the purpose of undermining it.

The occasion behind this grim outburst? The 38th birthday of Malcolm Muggeridge's 1970 essay, "The Great Liberal Death Wish"!

Odd that a doomed ideology such as Liberalism should take so long to pass away, like a bad actor in a cheap movie endlessly stretching out their death scene. I guess the final throes must be coming any time now.


Anonymous said...

Dude, the death of Liberal Democracy is one of the fastest growing home business opportunities in the world today!

See, what you do is set up a blog, plaster some ads all over the place, then pretend to be amazed at the daily deluge of Nanny Statism reported in the media. "Oh my heavens! Did you read? They have closed circuit cameras! In Canada! I feel violated!" While not essential to the process, declaring oneself to be a libertarian or conservative is recommended for maximum absurdity.

The UK's Daily Mail, I am certain, is secretly controlled by The Wobblies and exists solely to fuel the fury and copy of bloggers, the same bloggers who time and time again choose of their own free will to elect Nanny State governments. The same is true to a lesser extent of any media outlet one can name.

Racket. Outright pandering and racketeering, a vertically integrated collusive enterprise designed to profit from taxation and trespasses against liberty. Calling bloggers Little Eichmanns is tempting but it is more accurate I suppose to think of them as Hell's Angel's associate club hangers-on wannabes, willing to do a B&E or three in order to get some crumbs off the table of nefariousness.

Ti-Guy said...

This is correct. Liberalism in its only expression, multiculturalism, has so degraded Western society that it permits wogs such as Salim Mansur to be featured in our media.

*tsk*, *tsk* and *tsk*

Anonymous said...

Exhibit "A" on the decline of our Western Liberal Democracy (and of decency and civility in general):