Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Western Separatist Organization Consists Of One Guy!

David Crutcher! That's it! And a computer. And maybe a coffee table! Even if you don't agree with the WBTA's politics, give 'em a call. Dave must be terribly lonely.
h/t Buckets.


Reality Bites said...

I see he was born and educated in England.

Perhaps it is indeed time for him to go. I can't imagine he'd be missed by anyone but Craig Chandler, but hey, I'm sure Craig can get his knob gobbled elsewhere.

T said...

From the 'Upcoming Meetings' page...
"Please note note due to the number of high profile attendees at our organizational meetings not all requests to attend these meetings will be granted. Each request will be verified. "
Everyone better hurry and reserve a place at the meetings that aren't scheduled on the site, but are running throughout Dec and Jan!!

Unknown said...

That's what I said before. There is no western seperatist sentiment.

Now when are you guys going to quit stroking Gille Duceppe's thigh under the table?

MgS said...

Did anybody look at their links page? It's got all of Chandler's usual buddy links there, and a few new variants on crazy just for fun.

'Western Separatist' movements in Alberta are like dandelions - they spring up at the slightest provocation - unlike dandelions they have no roots to speak of.