Friday, December 13, 2013

History Of Paranormal Research In Russia And The Soviet Union: 1917 To Present

Unconventional research in USSR and Russia: short overview is a fascinating document.  I've just excerpted bits below and added a few comments.  Of course the Americans did this kind "research", so you would expect the Russians did as well.  I didn't know they were up to it this early, however:

No further work was done until the beginning of the Cold War:

Most of the recent research is considered pseudo-scientific in The West.  And indeed it seems as though a good deal of  modern day pseudo-scientific beliefs originated behind the Iron Curtain.  Some of us are old enough to remember "pyramid power" from the 1970s.  Interestingly enough:

And indeed we see that research on like topics continued even into the new millenium:
In any case, one of the things that first made me love the Internet was Jessica Utts analysis of the Stargate Program .  It was made available as a downloadable document, charts and tables and all, and it made me think that the on-line would become a repository of secret knowledge.   A library of magic, perhaps.   In the end it it turned out to be a repository of hardcore porn, but for a brief moment...

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Kyle H. said...

Good stuff there, BCL. Amazing to think that these concepts we find today to be at best hokey were seriously experimented upon by not just those backwards Russkies but also the US. Two of the worlds most powerful nations ever invested serious money into researching remote viewing capabilities for the purposes of espionage. Just churn that over in your head for awhile.