Monday, December 16, 2013

Kinder Morgan Pipeline: Might Be A Little Problem With That

Seventy-three per cent of the proposed new routing will follow existing rights-of-way. About 980 kilometres of new pipe would need to be constructed.

According to my calculations, Kinder Morgan will have to buy or otherwise gain access to a strip of land 311 klicks long (about 186 miles) and probably about 25/50 meters wide, if Keystone XL is any guide.  I've written earlier that  the chances of this project happening vary inversely with the amount of new right-of-way Kinder Morgan needs to get hold of.  I would suggest that those chances have fallen somewhat.

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MgS said...

I am somewhat inclined to disagree with you on that. Generally speaking it is easier to gain pipeline right-of-way on lands which already have existing pipeline infrastructure.

This is largely because the people who own that land are already going to be accustomed to the pipeline being present and the implications of that. (even if they don't especially like it, they may be less polarized about it - and the existing TransMountain line has been in place for quite some time)