Thursday, November 27, 2014

But Where Would Alberta Separate To?

David Marsden, of the Clagary Herald editorial board, complains about  troubles facing the Energy East and other pipelines:

Quebec separation appears to be dead for the time being. But if Alberta is continually thwarted by politicians peddling spurious arguments, don’t be surprised if talk of Alberta separation begins to catch fire once again.

I guess the question really is: who cares?  Does anyone in Alberta think it would find it easier get pipeline built as a separate country?  The mention of Quebec here is apropos: Alberta stands to Canada where Quebec did about a decade ago: we're tired of their incessant whining, and no longer moved by their threats.  In fact I would suggest that the ROC has come to realize that we have Alta. by the balls.  Its time they figured that out, else we decide to squeeze 'em.


double nickel said...

He's advocating for a landlocked country? Brilliant.

dizzy said...

Central Canadians should be prepared to freeze in the dark

These guys are just singing for their supper.
The initial comments on this one are quite reasonable.

the salamander said...

.. Alberta would seperate from Canada and all First Nations lands? Leaving itself short of water for fracking one assumes and forced to dispose of toxic waste water within its boundaries?

jrkrideau said...

@ # 3, dizzy From Cooper column.
"To the west, a toxic combination of largely American-funded ideological enviros, who have alarmed already resentment-filled aboriginals, has temporarily stopped the Northern Gateway pipeline."

Sounds like Joe Oliver, in Ottawa, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo, Bashar al-Assad in Demascus, etc. When in doubt or in the wrong, blame foreign agitaters.