Monday, November 17, 2014


AHRC legal counsel Arman Chak, a frequent target of Sun News TV personality Ezra Levant over the years, has been elected to the BOD of the Alberta Law Society.  Ezra's encounters with the Society have been of another kind altogether.  So congrats Mr. Chak.

PS. Ezra's now thoroughly debunked anti-Muslim screed from last week has picked up a few "likes" from notorious Canadian racist Paul Fromm.


Unknown said...

Did you happen to notice that Nanaimo has a new mayor and half the old council have been booted? Do you think Ezea exposing these bigots has anything to do with that?

Unknown said...

Make that Ezra (lol). Grovelling @ 19:00 & 33:30 Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog ..

Nitangae said...

Do you have any evidence that it had anything to do with it? If you do, perhaps you could let us know. I know nothing about Nanaimo politics, but the following article, at least, suggests that religion was not the main concern:

But that is all that I know - if you have a greater knowledge of Nanaimo politics, I am all eyes.

Bill McKay does seem to have been Ezra's choice. The first example of EL's municipal election involvement that I remember was his support for Bill Smith of Edmonton, which may not have been the most inspired of choices, but the usual suspects thought that Jan Reimer was the Satan incarnate, so what can you do. One hopes that EL has improved in his selection process the meantime.

And going by Ezra's tendency to make stories out of thing air, is there any particularly good reason to believe that the liar was not once more, telling an untruth?

Unknown said...

I guess you missed this part in my first post " Do you think Ezea exposing these bigots has anything to do with that?"That's called a question meaning I don't know. I was just wondering if some of the Ezraphiles that seem to congregate here could enlighten me ..BTW Bill McKay was the one dissenting vote not sure what that has to do with anything though...Shalom

double nickel said...

Ezraphiles congregating here? Please go on.

deb said...

im familiar with nanaimo politics and it had nothing to do with ezra and everything to do with an incinerator project that was not popular and many of the council backed it in the beginning.