Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ezra's Grovelling Apology

...can be found here.  The "I was wrong" bit comes at the end (about the 14 minute mark).  Ezra has also pulled the explicit Muslim-bashing from his "Canada: Love It Or Leave It" site (from the cache too, if you are trying to find it there). Finally, SNN has also pulled down the original segment and replaced it  with Ezra's Mea Culpa.  The original T.O. Sun column, however, remains.

Some background on this story can be found here, and  here.

Update:  This person was good enough to screen cap the original/updated Love It Or Leave It page:

1 comment:

jrkrideau said...

An interesting apology.
Thirteen (?) minutes of self-justification, a short apology, and a promise to
do it again—hopefully with a bit better background research.
I would appear that neither Ezra nor his producer either knew how to ask
the proper question or, perhaps wanted to ask the proper question.
I look forward to listening to his rant, his words, when the local Mennon-
ite or Jain communities request exemptions for their children from attending
Remembrance Day ceremonies.
Other than being an incompetent bigot who really hates to admit he’s wrong,
what’s new?