Friday, March 27, 2015

Fear Mongering A Bust For CPC

Or at if its moved the dial at all in the latest Abacus poll its been in the wrong direction; the LPC is a wee bit ahead in this one.  I'm not entirely surprised.  People might agree with the government re the Niqab, but still see through the rhetoric and perhaps resent the attempt to get them riled.  Or they may see the Hiqab as a 3rd tier issue that won't move their vote one way or another.

As for the LPC position on our ISIS mission, one day I think people will come to look upon Justin Trudeau as the Wayne Gretzky of Canadian politics, who saw not where the polls were, but where they would be on election day.


Gyor said...

Wayne is a tory so at least on one level your right.

The true is Trudeau has talked out of both sides of his month on the ISIS issue.

Mulcair on the other hand ignored the polls on both ISIS and on bill C-51, Mulcair has been asking the tough questions that have began shift opinion on both these issues, so the credit should go to Mulcair both for leadership, talent, and foresight.

Scotian said...


Even if I a hardcore Dipper partisan say so myself of course...*rolls eyes*