Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coming To An Attack Near You

To go with this.  Not a good day for the CPC campaign.


mandible said...

"the view taken by the Prime Minister was not consistent with basic legal interpretation principles"

It's good to be the king.

deb said...

Harper is a real player, I mean game of thrones style he is up there with tywin lannister. I wonder if Ray Novak realizes how close he is to being roadkill.

deb said...

now Harper has really gone and done it, started a war with Margaret Atwood, the cons have cooked their hirsute goose this time via the Nat Post.
they pulled her editorial at the national post and made a small issue into a huge controversy, sound familiar, lol

all good though, the Nat Post reposted...minus the antiharper statements, good thing its spread like fire on twitter #hairgate

Omar said...

Every time I turn on the radio and hear a CBC newscast I'm bombarded with the message "Voters aren't likely to remember the Duffy scandal in two months time". If true (and it probably is), the opposition parties better have some well crafted Duffy attack ads ready to run so as to remind them.